For The Empowered Women: The Best Business Advice

The turn of the twentieth century has brought its developments in leaps and bounds. Technology and communication paved the way for more and more businesses to sprout, and women entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the growing tech trends to their advantage. Equality has been one of the focal points of social agenda, and the world is catching up to it.

According to Women Empowerment Magazine, in the last two decades, the number of women in power has astronomically risen – in governments, businesses, corporate, even in the academe. The majority of the population is women, and there seems to be a shift in power now that women are becoming more educated, more empowered, and more entrepreneurial.

For every powerful woman, there is a young girl starting in her career-driven, unjaded and enthusiastic. So to give a guide to those young girls everywhere, we’ve collated the best business advice from top women killing it in their respective industries.

Always support and nourish your ideas.

One of the best things that you can give yourself in life and business is never to shut your ideas down. We all have that one voice that keeps telling us that we’ll never make it puts doubts in our hearts and keep us down no matter what. Change your thinking, and be a better person who breaks that cycle.

One successful lady in the field of IT relates, “There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to encourage yourself and your ideas.” So go ahead – take your mental health seriously, then create and brainstorm ideas that will make you prosper. If you’re still thinking about it, then it’s worth the plunge.

Part of making your ideas flourish is taking the time out to learning new things. Investing in yourself is the biggest and most essential thing you can do in a world full of self-hatred. So do things you’d like to do, be it shopping, gardening, collecting jewelry, even listening to kpmg webcasts.

Be flexible in your vision.

Most women have a singular vision in their heads about what they want for their business. While this is an admirable trait, there is no sure thing in the industry. And thus, you’ll need to condition yourself and your mind that what your envisioning may not be the business that you’ll end up with.

Starting a business has always been a result of a creative vision. But as a business takes off, it will become its own thing. It will decide on its own, it will handle itself on its own, and it will create an identity of its own. As an entrepreneur, you have to  guide “your baby”, help it make sound decisions, so that it’ll prosper tremendously.

Trust your instincts.

That womanly instinct that tells you when something is amiss? Or wrong, askew, and something’s missing? Trust that. For beginner entrepreneurs, lots of decision-making have to be done, and not all can rely upon numbers and data. Trust your gut feeling – whether it’s for a newly-hire, an asset that needs purchasing, etc. It’s there for a reason.

Jo Malone, a successful entrepreneur who started Jo Loves, opines, “Don’t keep questioning your gut feeling.” As humans, we usually don’t trust our innermost selves. We rely on other’s opinions, on facts given to us, and to the science that’s been studied. We forget that at the end of the day, our gut feeling will always be right. No matter what.

Commit yourself to life of learning.

Never get too complacent. When your business is taking off and sliding into a stable territory, don’t make the mistake of being too comfortable. There is power in always innovating, always looking for the next best thing, and always on your toe when it comes to improving your business.

Learn something new every day. Commit yourself to a program. Enroll yourself in relevant classes. Don’t think that because you have started and maintained a business, that you’re now a paragon of knowledge. There is always something new that needs to be uncovered. You don’t know, and it might be your next big thing!


This generation has a peculiar set of traits. They’re essentially the most open and accepting generation. Their views are usually skewing to the progressive side of things. In this social climate of empowerment, there is no better time to become your lady boss. So get started with your idea and create a business that will define you – and only you!


Anas Virk
Anas Virkhttp://www.healthicu.com
Anas is a young business entrepreneur and blogger. He loves to explore creative ideas and transform them into a valuable read by his amazing writings skills.


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