5 Tips & Tricks You Should Know About Amazon Account Management

The Amazon marketplace is home to over 600 million products. How are you supposed to make your mark as a seller?It’s a good question to ask but fortunately, it’s also a question that has a lot of great answers. There are strategies you can focus on when managing your Amazon account.

From making your product easier to locate using amazon ASIN to crafting a strong listing, it’s important to attract customers. Complete the experience with great customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business  to really make sure you’re leaving your mark. From start to finish, well-managed sales will make you successful.

Keep in mind that it takes a lot of time and effort to create a profitable seller account. You’ll have to be creative, thoughtful, and hard-working.With that in mind, here are five tips and tricks you can use to manage your seller account and make sure you set yourself up for success.

Stand Out From the Crowd

With the massive number of products on Amazon, it’s essential to differentiate your products from the competition. Be smart about the items you choose to sell, and get creative with your marketing efforts.

Look for product types that are in popular categories that aren’t overly saturated. If you want to sell electronics, for example, look for a specific product that there aren’t a ton of listings for. You can also look for specific features that might not be available in existing inventory.

Steer away from products where the market share is already dominated by major brand name listings. It will be nearly impossible to be competitive. Instead, look for a gap in inventory for a different subcategory in the same group.

To be competitive, think outside the box and off the site when it comes to marketing. External traffic is a quick way to gain visitors and grow sales. Look for ways to advertise your products in other places besides Amazon.

Consider creating a Google Merchant account, so your Amazon listing comes up in the search engine’s shopping results. Or use an email program to promote new products to your existing contact list. The main goal is maximum exposure of your listings through multiple channels.

Use social media to your advantage. Purchase Facebook ads directed to your target audience. Or use Pinterest to generate awareness if it makes sense for your product. You can even partner with a blogger or influencer to promote your product to their site visitors with affiliate links.

Purchase and Price for Profitability

Your ultimate goal is to be profitable in selling your products. It’s important to minimize your investment in merchandise. And to price with your margins in mind, especially if you are using Fulfillment by Amazon.

Research products and manufacturers carefully. You want to balance quality and price. The most expensive item is not necessarily the best made, and vice versa.

Request quotes from several manufacturers. This is the only way to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal on the products you sell. It’s also wise to ask for several product samples. You want to be able to inspect the quality before choosing a supplier.

If you choose to use Fulfillment by Amazon for the convenience, be mindful of fees. You will need to adjust your pricing with the costs in mind, and consider the fee structure when selecting which products to sell.

An FBA calculator can be extremely helpful in developing your pricing strategy. It will make the math of subtracting fees to find your profit margins quick and easy. And you will be able to simulate how altering your price will affect your bottom line.

Make Your Listings Effective

An effective listing is key to selling your product. You need your listing to be easily found. And it’s your one chance to make a sale to a shopper browsing the millions of products on Amazon.

Use a keyword tool to find what shoppers are searching for on Amazon and across the internet. Optimize your listing by including these keywords in your title and description. Then the search algorithms will make your listing appear higher in search results.

Your listing should be appealing to buyers. Provide them all of the information they might need to know about your product. But it should be organized and to the point so it doesn’t overwhelm shoppers and cause them to lose interest.

Good, clear images are essential for online selling. Make sure your photos are high-quality and attractive. Consider investing in professional photography and editing. And make sure there is an image of all aspects and features of your product, so the customer isn’t left guessing.

Create a PositiveCustomer Experience

Customer service is a game-changer in the saturated online marketplace. If you use Fulfillment by Amazon, they will provide customer service for you. If not, you will want to have a strong customer service strategy to ensure satisfaction.

Amazon has a reputation for outstanding customer service. If you are willing to pay the FBA fees, it’s a great way to make sure your product is represented well by their team, and you won’t have to worry about the time and stress of customer interactions.

You may choose to save the cost and provide your own customer service but that means you’ll have to do an excellent job of making your customers happy. Just be proactive in creating a positive customer experience. You’ll want to generate repeat business from happy customers.

Be patient and empathetic when dealing with customer issues. Work together to find a solution. Let them know that you value their business and are eager to make sure they are happy with their purchase.

Earn Great Reviews and Repeat Business

Customers look at the feedback of others when making a purchase decision. This is especially true in the e-commerce world. Positive reviews will be helpful to your success. And your goal is to generate loyal customers and repeat business.

Requesting reviews from customers is easier now with Amazon’s new “Request a Review” button. It will generate a message to customers on the platform. They can then quickly give your product a star rating and review.

Reviews are important in buying decisions. The more reviews you get the more traffic your listing will generate and this will, in turn, lead to more sales. You will also appear higher in search result listings.

Creating loyal customers is a low-cost way to increase sales. Make sure to handle returns quickly and efficiently. And try to respond quickly to customer questions and reviews.


Whether you’re new to Amazon or looking to grow your product offerings, you can make improvements to increase sales. Look at your current strategies and make adjustments. Often, an online business requires trial and error to find what works for you.

Being a successful Amazon seller can have a learning curve but it’s worth the effort. As you learn to manage your account better, you’ll develop your own tips and tricks. And you’ll be finding your own techniques to increase your sales and grow your profits.

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