Getting Your Medicine Cabinet Cold & Flu Season Ready

There’s nothing worse than being taken down by the flu or a bad cold.  With those seasons approaching, it is important to be ready to attack them full force or ideally prevent them altogether. You can stock up on a few items, as well as keep a few things on hand that will keep you prepared and in good health – or at the very least minimize the duration of the time that you are not feeling well.  As with any medication or health plan, be sure to work with your doctor and medical professionals to ensure your safety and well being.

Cough & Cold Medicine

The nasal drip that accompanies a cold or flu can irritate your throat causing discomfort and coughing.  You can also have a cough for other reasons associate with the cold and flu, but regardless of the cause, the result is discomfort.  Be sure to include the best cough medicine as part of your wellness plan since a sleepless night of coughing will not allow you to get the rest you need to heal. When selecting a cough medicine look for one that treats many different symptoms. Cough medicine can help suppress a cough, and it should include an expectorant to help remove the extra phlegm from the lungs.

Keep Extra Soap Around

During cold and flu season is it very important that all members of your household keep their hands clean. Washing germs off your hands will decrease the likelihood of contracting any germs through contact. Direct contact with door handles, pens, phones, and a plethora of other items will increase the chance of contracting a cold or the flu.  Regular hand washing decreases this likelihood and gives you a better chance to stay healthy.


Sinus congestion can accompany a cold or flu and can be the symptom that is very frustrating because of how uncomfortable it can make you feel. Decongestants can help relieve some of the pressure in the face and will reduce the swelling in the nasal passage. There are oral forms of decongestants as well as sprays. Nasal sprays can help quite a bit, but not everyone likes the feeling of the spray going up their nose. Oral decongestants will also to clear up the nasal passage. A saline spray is suggested by doctors because it helps loosen up thick mucus that is clogging the nose. Be sure to keep some form of decongestant in the medicine cabinet for this time of year.

Pain Reliever

Body aches and pains are one of the worst symptoms of the flu. Your body hurts all over, and you don’t feel like moving, let alone taking care of yourself or your family. You may feel like you do not have enough energy to move at all. There are some things that you should keep on hand to help you deal with the pain. It is best to keep Tylenol, naproxen, or ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet. Each of these medications can help reduce your body aches, and they can help lower a fever as well, but they do work differently in some cases, so be sure to choose the appropriate one for your needs.

Sore Throat

In addition to pains and aches, a sore throat is a common part of the flu and coughing can irritate it as well. Drinking a lot of fluids will help with this, but if your throat is so sore that it is painful, an over the counter sore throat medicine should be on hand. Keep some lozenges nearby as well to help deal with the pain. Table salt is also something that you can use by mixing with warm water and salt and then gargling.

Medication for Children

If you have small children, it is important to get medicine with the proper dosage for them as well. Children cannot take adult cough syrup or pain relievers. There are many popular brands that are designed to treat the flu in adults that make medications specifically designed for children. Be sure to follow all recommended dosages.


When you first feel sick, hydrate.  Drinking plenty of fluids does not mean sugary juices or sodas.  You need to make sure you are drinking a lot of water regularly, but especially when you feel like you are coming down with something.  Warm teas and broths will also be healing.

Once you are not feeling well, you will be glad you have everything on hand to fight the battle against the sickness that is taking you down.

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