How has Technology Made Businesses Covid-19 Proof

COVID-19 is undoubtedly a human tragedy that has affected hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. It has reshaped people’s lives and forced them to rethink their routine tasks. This virus is spreading at an alarming rate and affecting businesses negatively. It has not only caused a health emergency but also slowed down the global economy. The outbreak has especially shaken up the business world and changed consumer and business behavior on a massive scale. The hardest part is that there is no certainty about the future, and the situation evolves by the day.

Industries are struggling hard to adapt to the sudden changes, and are devising ways to keep their businesses running. Responding to the travel bans, no large gathering and complete lockdown businesses have integrated technology in their companies to keep their businesses afloat. It has become imperative to turn to digital tools so that companies can perform and generate revenue. Although many industries and even small companies were already using advanced technological methods, now it has forced almost every business to transform their business practices.

The use of technology plays a vital role in the protection of a business. It will help to safeguard enterprises as well as to keep them running. Here we are going to list a few advantages of technology that companies can adopt to function in these unfortunate times:

Improved Communication

Business owners understand that communication is crucial in keeping the businesses adrift. Technology has made it possible to receive and send instant messages to a large group of people. Even in days of social distancing, companies can make the use of different applications and software to connect and communicate. Business professionals can conduct meetings efficiently via video conferencing, even from one continent to another. Effective communication means smooth operations, and it serves to boost motivation and morale. Whereas breakdown in communication can lead to confusion for workers, which in turn impacts the performance of the company at large.

Online Loan Services

Many a time, business owners face unprecedented situations and find themselves in immediate need of money. Various banks and loan services work digitally and offer several types of loans, including long and short term loan. In these distress times, numerous financial institutions are working with full zeal to provide loan services, which they have promised. If your business is in a tough situation, then you must choose a short term loan company that provides you with multiple options, including the opportunity to obtain loans through their online service. The application is uploaded in 2 minutes, and processed in a few hours. If it gets, approved companies receive the funds in a day. Online loan services are like a blessing for businesses who are struggling to keep their door open during the pandemic.

Enhance Marketing

Marketing is vital for a business to survive. In this digital age, people tend to have short term memories and often forget the brand if it stops its marketing. Companies need to come up with creative ideas to market their products or services so that they can not only sustain customers but also attract new ones. Digital marketing has made its way into marketing, and businesses are rapidly adopting it to keep their consumers engaged. Generally, the community at large spends a good deal of time on the Internet. During the lockdown, the pandemic has forced many of them to stay at home, an increase in digital use is inevitable. Social media is a valuable tool and has proven to be useful for promoting a business. The widespread COVID-19 has brought a significant change in business strategies, and more and more brands are now using digital marketing services to market their businesses.


Data storage is an indispensable requirement of a business, and for millions of years, companies have been storing relevant data through various means. Manual storing is the oldest way, but one that is still prevalent. Modern technology allows businesses to save data and give access to it from anywhere. Encrypted passwords increase the security level, and hackers have a hard time retrieving information that is encrypted password protected. Not only data new ways of securing raw material, machines, money, and other things have also emerged because of modern technology. Business owners taking advantage of it have peace of mind that in these crucial times, their stock and data are secure.

Work from Home

The outburst of COVID-19 has compelled business owners to follow a remote working policy to keep their companies from crashing. Advancement in technology has abled employees to perform their routine tasks from the comfort of their homes. Some companies had a robust technological infrastructure and immediately switched to remote working. The sudden eruption of COVID-19 did not affect their functioning in significant ways. Other companies are learning quickly to adapt to the new normal of social distancing and working-from-home. Companies have devised comprehensive continuity business plans to keep their businesses functioning.

Exchange of Money

Transferring of money no longer requires physical presence as depositing and withdrawal of funds can be done online. The exchange of money can happen while someone is on the move or from a remote location. Business owners can keep track of their money accounts while being isolated at their homes. Technology has transformed the working of banks and made it possible to carry bank account to distant locations. Managers can handle employment salaries, payment of raw material, and other money matters through technology. During these times, where people follow social distancing strictly, businesses are relying on technology to tackle financial issues.


COVID-19 has drastically impacted the global economy, and it is on the top of the agenda for businesses all across the world. Business owners are staying on toes to safeguard their businesses, and technology has proven to be their good friend. Advancement in technology has made it possible for companies to keep them running by providing alternate sources. Bank professionals manage loans, payments, meetings, customer service, and various other business-related tasks from remote locations. This black swan has urged businesses to change their business practices and rely on technology. Sufficient and adequate use of technology has made businesses COVID-19 proof since business owners are performing their tasks through the digital platform.

Steve Max
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