Demand for Digital Marketing in San Francisco

According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, investments in the digital advertisement will exceed the investment in traditional advertisements. It says that digital advertising spending will be more than two-thirds of overall media investments, by 2023.

Out of the total ad investments of 54.2%, digital ad spending is expected to grow by 19% to $129.34 billion. Moreover, two-thirds of digital ad spending will be dominated by mobile and is expected at $87.06 billion. The US ad business of Amazon is anticipated to grow by 50% and its share in the US digital ad market will jump to 8.8% this year. On the other hand, traditional ad spending on directories like Yellow Pages is expected to move down by 19%.

But what do these fascinating numbers mean to you? Well, it reflects the growing adoption of digital marketing and how companies are becoming more interested in taking digital initiatives. So, let us try to understand digital marketing, its importance, and top courses that you can take if you are seeking digital marketing training in San Francisco, New York, or any other city.

What is Digital Marketing?

To be very precise, anything that is advertised over digital channels, online is referred to as Digital Marketing. The digital channels may include social media, email, search engines or precisely, the Internet, and many other channels.

The number of people going online is increasing every day. Also, there are drastic changes in the way people shop their stuff like daily essentials or their desired things. Online shopping is on its peak today; and so is digital marketing. Whenever you browse your favorite search engines, there are many ads that pop-up; and most of them are of your interest. This is what is referred to as Digital Marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing

The importance of Digital Marketing can be understood by the fact that people across the world spend most of their time on the Internet. Digital Marketing is essential for a business and awareness of its brand. At this stage, every other business has a website of its own. If not, they have a strong presence over social media and digital ad strategy. To learn about any brand, consumers rely on digital content and marketing.

No matter how potent your products or services are, if your marketing strategies are not efficient, you cannot make it a success. The reason behind digital marketing booming today is the capability of digital advertising methods to cooperate with the target audience and make sure that the interactions drive the results. Another point to be considered is that Digital Marketing helps you generate much better revenues if the strategies are right.

With so many benefits of Digital Marketing, you would wish to try to make a career in this ever-growing field. Let us now see the top digital marketing courses that you can take to make a career in the same.

Top Digital Marketing Courses

There are so many online training providers that provide you perfect training and prepare you for a great career ahead. Let’s read about some of them.

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist Program

This course makes students ready for the industry by training them in a wide range of areas. It gives access to seven comprehensive courses that covers all the aspects of digital marketing. This includes content and social media, SEO, PPC and web analytics. Also, mentoring sessions are conducted every month by industry experts who guide you along the path of digital marketing practically. With this course, you also unlock access to more than 75 live instructor-led online classes.

Accredited from OMCP, Simplilearn’s digital marketing courses include simulation exams, quizzes, high-quality videos, projects, downloadable workbooks, active experts forum, and apps that contribute to more than 200 hours of e-learning content.

AMA’s Digital Marketing eLearning Certificate Modules

This course is best suited for professionals who don’t have much time to invest in learning. Because the course certificate is divided into modules. The essential topics that are covered in the course are content marketing, online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO and analytics. The course modules include interactive case studies, interactive e-learning material that performs knowledge check regularly and continuation of education units that count towards AMA’s very own PCM(Professional Certified Marketer) credential.

This course can prove to be a great option for beginners as the AMA’s PCM credential is very beneficial for digital marketing pros.

Google Analytics Academy

There are six courses offered by Google’s ‘Analytics Academy’, that differ depending upon the experience level of the student and the topics they are interested in. Each course is divided into four to seven modules and is conducted by three industry experts.

If you have a basic knowledge of how digital marketing works, this course helps you improve the way you market your business; though some aspects of the platform can be technical. This course prepares you for a career in digital marketing so that you meet the requirements of the company to launch their products or services successfully.

Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization

Being a beginner’s course, Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization includes various aspects of new digital marketing environments such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Analytics, and 3D printing.

The course is open for all, which means that professionals with any job titles can enroll for the program and get the certification. The content of this course is meant to provide basic knowledge of the new digital marketing landscape that lets you create a digital presence, distribute, promote, and price products and services.

Digital Marketing Institute’s Masters in Digital Marketing

Being a two-year program, this course is the lengthiest course in Digital Marketing. You are required to submit two assignments of 5000 words: a digital marketing research assignment and a digital marketing strategy of an organization of your choice.

The program includes different modules such as mobile marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce and email, search marketing, communications and consumers, digital innovation, marketing and services management, digital strategy and planning. This program is created by the Syllabus Advisory Council that makes it cutting-edge, technically accurate and relevant.


There are various training courses that you can take to get certified in Digital Marketing. Getting certified makes your resume attractive and may get you the job in the company you wish to. Since Digital Marketing is booming in every aspect these days, be it an SEO or email marketer or others, and the ease of starting a career in the same, you would surely wish to take a course and get certified.

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