How to Bounce Back as a Struggling Physician

While being a physician can be an incredible career choice for just about anyone, it can take a lot of hard work and commitment to get the job done. Without the right mindset and discipline, it can be easy to suffer from burnout and anxiety as a struggling physician.

The healthcare industry is infamous for being relentless when it comes to work hours, and not everyone can handle the stress that comes with such a schedule. Fortunately, there are ways for physicians suffering from burnout to bounce back. Here are a few tips to get struggling physicians back on track.

Watching your health as the number one priority

It’s somewhat ironic that physicians are expected to work hard and care for others, with a schedule that makes it hard for them to care for their physical and mental health. That said, it doesn’t mean that you should resign yourself to letting your health go as you pursue success in the industry.

Watching your health as the number one priority is crucial, as no matter what happens, it’s your health that matters. Taking the time to get enough sleep at night or even making sure that you do something you enjoy during your free time are important parts of bouncing back as a struggling physician. While it might be a little tricky due to the responsibilities, it is more than possible to get the job done.

Focusing on a proper diet

A proper diet does not necessarily mean going for an all-health routine without any room for junk food or treats you might enjoy. The crucial part is that you plan for your diet. It can include sweet treats in moderation and food people might not necessarily lump in with eating healthy.

After all, going only for food you might not necessarily enjoy will only add to the stress. Treat yourself now and again to something decadent if you have a sweet tooth, and you can help improve your mood and mental well-being. Some physicians end up eating only to get it out of the way due to the busy schedule when it’s crucial to enjoy your food.

A change of pace

It might come as a surprise, but it is entirely possible to focus on another career direction as a physician. Locum tenens involves going out on assignment to various medical facilities for a certain period. It consists of getting the help of a physician recruiter and breaking into the world of locum tenens. While it might not necessarily be the career choice for everyone, it can be a surprisingly significant change of pace for struggling physicians. It helps that the job is often more straightforward due to the lack of administrative responsibilities.

For those who aren’t afraid to move to other areas for the sake of their career, locum tenens offers plenty of advantages. Bouncing back as a struggling physician can feel like an overwhelming prospect, but with a bit of discipline, you can strike a proper balance.

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