How to Revamp Your Brand in 5 Steps

In this fast-changing world, it seems that we all need a small revamp from time to time. Things change quickly, and trends evolve even faster. Something that was popular 10 years ago when we were teens is now cringeworthy. So imagine how business-related things change. There is no such thing as a pause button when it comes to business because as soon as you get relaxed, you will miss out on something important. And you know how they say, competition never sleeps.

Having a brand and doing business used to be simple. But nowadays. You have to follow the trends, to be consistent, to be present in social media, to have good design, etc. Basically, your brand needs to be a full package. Otherwise, some rough times might be ahead of you. If you have been doing the same thing over the last few years, or even months, but there are no signs of improvement, it is time for a quick revamp.

The First Step Is to Revamp Your Mindset

Have an honest one on one chat with yourself. When did you start your business? How old were you then? Are you aware of how much things have changed? In most cases, we are our greatest enemies because we refuse to change. We refuse to accept that things have changed. Something that used to work great and bring profit is not doing that anymore, and you need to find new ways to attract customers. You have to adapt to the ever-growing market and admit that you are no longer up to date. Remember why you started and try to find that inspiration once again.

A lot of people get emotionally attached to their first logo, and they refuse to change it even though it looks so outdated. But you would be surprised to see how many new customers a fresh modern logo can attract. It is because of design; people love to see when something is well made and looks nice. Your logo has to be authentic, to represent your brand and your vision, but in a more stylish way. You can find someone to redesign the old one or opt for something unexpected and different.

The Third Step Is to Step Up Your Social Media Game

Does a brand even exist today if it is not present in social media? Facebook and Instagram are a must, and everything else is a plus. When was the last time you posted something or asked your followers a question? You need to be consistent, to increase the engagement, you need a strategy for growing your social media presence. So many things can be done through social media, and not just marketing, but sales. Not investing in your social media presence means that you are missing out on an opportunity to earn more money. You do not have to have an online shop; Your IG and FB will do that.

Step Four: Where is Your Brand In Real Life?

Now that you are all over social media, posting pictures, polls, stories, etc, do not shut the door to the real world; to those people who are passing by every day, without paying attention to your business. They are not following you on social media, so you need outdoor business signage to guide them in the right direction. Whether it is a simple information A-board, a billboard, digital sign, or metal cut out sign that carries the logo, your brand needs a sign.

Step Five: Dig Above the Surface

Your brand might look polished from the outside, but what is going on underneath? If you forget about signage, ad campaigns, and social media, the biggest promoters of your brand are your employees. When was the last time you talked with them and really listened to their ideas on what could be improved? Your employees should be passionate about the brand, but if you are not, that will transfer onto them. Your brand will be able to evolve only when you all grow as a team. So consider organizing a team-building event, something that will bring you closer and teach people how to trust and rely on one another. Once such teamwork is established, you are all upgraded and ready to transform that brand.

The Bottom Line

We hope you found some, if not all, of our recommendations helpful. It is essential not to be afraid of revamping or changing something. Because when something is not right, that means you need to do something, to start experimenting till you find that sweet spot again, and again. Because it does not stop after just one revamp. You have to always have an eye on the trend, on what the competition is doing, and to think one step ahead. That is the only way to stay on top of the game.

Karen Brewer
Karen Brewer
Karen is a BS graduate in Architecture. Her love in home design brought her to write some blogs that help to give ideas in their dream house design. She also helps businessmen and entrepreneurs through writing on how business signs help in building their brand and company name.


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