Things to Know About Driveway Gates

Are you one of those people who live in an apartment but dream about having a big house with a massive driveway gate? Is your dream about to become a reality? Owning a house comes with a lot of advantages. It gives you an opportunity to focus not just on the interior design, but on the exterior as well. And when it comes to the exterior, there is one thing everyone is going to notice first, your driveaway gate. Does it have to be stylish, functional, transparent, or protective? Find out in today’s post.

Pros of Having a Driveway Gate

Investing in metal driveway gates is essential, because not only that this one-time investment will serve you well for a long time, but it will also protect your privacy, which is pretty important. Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages:

  • Security – The safety of your family and your home should be your number one concern. A driveway gate is the first line of defense and protection. You also need to install a fence all around your property, but the entrance gate is that focal point that allows you to control who gets in or not.
  • Value – If you invest in a driveway gate, it will add more value to your property. So in case, you decide to put the house on the market one day, its resale price will increase, which justifies the initial investment.
  • Style – Since this is not something you do every year, but once in a decade, perhaps, people tend to take care of the style and design of their driveway gates. They can resemble the style of your house, and you can play with various materials from iron to brick, etc.

Two Main Types of Driveway Gates

In terms of their functionality and the way they work, most gates are pretty straightforward and come in two types:

  • Swing Gates – This is a more traditional type, and it has been around for ages. Some models come with only one swing (solitary swings), while the majority has two swings (double swing gates). In case your driveway is really wide, double swings are an excellent option. You can choose whether the gate will open internally or externally.
  • Sliding Gates – Nowadays, there are numerous versions and twists on this type; they can be automated, rear pipe or V-track slide gates, etc. When installing this type, keep in mind that you will need some extra space. Precisely, additional gate length for the sliding part has where to go once the gate is open. So if you do not have a lot of space to fit two lengths of a gate, consider sticking to the classic double swing gates.

How to Style Your Driveway Gate

Since this is the first thing that your guests and random people passing by will notice, you want it to look good without revealing too much. The thing is, most people are not really inspired to work on their gates; in a way, we treat our interior. So here are some tips that will inspire you and show you how you can enhance the aesthetics of your driveway area.

  • Lighting – Installing decorative lighting on both sides of your gate is very functional and pretty at the same time. Especially if you opt for the lantern shape. Lanterns look stylish and chic during the day and have that romantic glow during the night.
  • Pillars – A lot of times, you will see stone or brick pillars on both sides of the gate. They go really well with wooden and metal gates. You can add hanging flower pots, or lighting to boost their overall appearance.
  • Sculptures – Many people love to use stone sculptures to add something extra to their driveway gates. However, if you want to keep it in the boundaries of a good taste, do not exaggerate with the size and colors. Something small and elegant like a Greek vase or a sphere placed upon a pillar will do the work.

What Materials are the Best?

Generally speaking, there are no boundaries in terms of material. People use everything, from glass, wood, steel, to iron. However, some of them require much more maintenance. For example, glass is very fragile and sensitive. Wood is among the cheaper materials. But from time to time, you will have to apply various protection coats to protect the material from outdoor conditions, mostly rain, and humidity. Wrought iron and metal gates are particularly popular nowadays, but keep in mind that they are prone to rust, so you have to clean them regularly.

The Bottom Line

With the vast choice of materials come endless opportunities for customization and design. So if you cannot find something that fits your house, you can order a custom design and get a unique driveway gate. Eye-catching gates are becoming more and more popular, and people are not afraid to mix and match different materials and textures. That is because a good driveway gate will, for sure, make your house stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

Karen Brewer
Karen Brewer
Karen is a BS graduate in Architecture. Her love in home design brought her to write some blogs that help to give ideas in their dream house design. She also helps businessmen and entrepreneurs through writing on how business signs help in building their brand and company name.


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