How to save text messages on iPhone

Many of us are in need to back up our personal data such as save text messages, images, and data content is of critical need. In an iOS device, we can backup the whole device by connecting with iTunes through your Mac or PC.

Need of keeping a backup of long lovely conversations you had with your loved ones or messages which with of important images or messages with the content matter which are so important for your career are some of the few reasons for you to transfer your messages content from iPhone to the computer.

When it comes in particularly if you want to transfer your previous chats, WhatsApp messages or iMessages to your computer and to view them, there’s no such a way given from Apple. For this ‘TouchCopy’ would help you how to save text messages on iPhone.

Save iMessage, WhatsApp conversations, and SMS. There’s a free demo version of the software is given in the following link, try it out and see.

Once you’re done installing open the free demo software version, click the “Messages” button in TouchCopy to view your content such as iMessages and Text message contents.

Click the “Copy Messages” if you want to learn how to save text messages, You can choose chat conversations which need to be kept and once clicked the conversation you need to will be stored in the computer as HTML file along with every content you had in the discussion such as images or videos or GIF files, etc.

Could be saved as PDF format too by clicking “Save as PDF’ in TouchCopy, of a required chat conversation. It will contain every shared media and for more info refer the following link to save as PDF files.

Taking Print Outs

There’s a unique feature given in TouchCopy so as you can get print outs of the chat conversations you had in using WhatsApp or text messages directly from the software itself. Just select the chat u needed to be printed out and click “Print” in TouchCopy and there you went along with images and saved media files will be too included in the print.

More about TouchCopy Software

TouchCopy is 3rd party software which has a lot of more features than iTuns which Apple has recommended you to use. You can share your music content or videos such so everything can be transferred to your computer.


  • Reports of the copied items will be given and which were not
  • You can back up your notes, ringtones, address books, etc.
  • Can be used to transfer music from every apple device to your computer (iPod,iPad ,iPhone)
  • Runs both on PC and Mac
  • The full version can be bought for just 20 dollars per annum or 40 dollars per lifetime purchase which can add up to 2 computers, and it will unlock you many features than the demo version.


TouchCopy’ is a software with many possibilities which u come across daily to be met. With a compact and mild user interface which is hard to be crashed. It may have few bugs but do update to overcome such inconveniences.

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