How to Verify a Medical License in New York

If you decided to become a doctor, you have chosen a noble yet challenging path. Any medical worker, who has years of experience behind them, will confirm to you that it is hard to tell what part of a doctor’s life is more complicated. First of all, you need to put a lot of effort into education, which might take up to 10 years or more and has various steps. And after that, the not less complex process goes, which is obtaining a medical license.

The government of a particular US state sets its specific requirements for becoming a licensed doctor. You have to start collecting various documents and take exams already while studying and practicing as a physician. And it might be really hard for early-career doctors to cope with all the pressure and manage to get a license. For that reason, it is better to outsource the application arrangements to professionals.

MedicalLicensing.Com Can Help You Get New York Medical License

The best place to get assistance with receiving a New York medical license is at MedicalLicensing.com. Following the link – medicallicensing.com/state/new-york/, you will be able to find all the necessary information about New York authority requirements for doctors and hire a team of professionals that will arrange everything for you.

Generally, to get a New York physician license, you need to have the following obligatory papers:

  • First of all, you need to provide verification and transcript from your medical school. Also, you will need to provide your scores for USMLE or COMLEX exams (you have unlimited number of attempts to pass).
  • The next thing is providing verification of your residency (or postgraduate training). For the US graduates it is required to have one year of postgraduate education, and for international medical graduates (also referred to as IMG) – three years.
  • Another obligatory step for obtaining a New York medical license is taking a child abuse course. If you are obliged not to work with underaged patients, you can skip this process.
  • If you are an IMG, you have to provide Federation Credentials Verification Service certificate.

MedicalLicensing.com provide their services for medical workers who have graduated both from the US and foreign schools. The reviews prove that the rates of success are high and show that all their clients are satisfied with the work of the company and have received their licenses with no stress.

All arrangements will be done according to the law, so you have a guarantee that your documents for a New York doctor license will be prepared fast and you will receive permission on time.

If you have any questions or hesitations regarding using the help of third-party companies or just do not know where to start, you can order a free consultation with a MedicalLicensing.com expert. He or she will explain the whole licensing process to you and calm your concerns. You will see that everything is legal, secure, and easy.



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