Tips for Staying Safe While Hunting

Hunting is ranked as one of the most common outdoor activities. It has mainly been used as a means of acquiring food and for sport. Meanwhile, hunting can be a risky activity and thus every hunter should be very careful.

Over the past many years, thousands of hunters have been hurt in the process of pursuing or killing prey. Below are some tips that will help you stay safe while hunting. Take a look!

  • Put on Your Hunter Orange

Research has proven that 78% of humans involved hunting accidents happen to hunters who do not wear the hunting jacket.

Always bear in mind that you are not alone in the forest– there could be other hunters out there too.

But a hunter orange helps you to be more visible and distinguished from a game. You may also consider wearing a bright hat.

  • Be Certain of Your Target

It is important that kill your prey in an effective and more humane way. Getting a clear shot helps you bring the animal down without losing any meat. Most importantly, you should confirm that you are firing a game and not another human being. Moreover, consider what lies beyond the target before shooting.

  • Follow Gun Safety Rules

The gun should remain unloaded until when you need to use it. Be careful while handling the gun and treat it as if it is always loaded. You do not get to point the gun at another person or even yourself. The safest direction is downwards. Don’t touch the trigger unless you are ready to pull it.

If you have to use a crossbow, make sure you choose the best one. Check nativecompass.com to learn more about choosing the right hunting crossbows for your hunting needs.

  • Don’t Go for Hunting Alone

With the risky terrain and dangerous animals out there, it is unsafe to hunt on your own. Consider taking at least one person with you while going to hunt. Two are better than one as they can look out for each other. For example; if one of them gets injured, the partner can give some help.

  • Alert Somebody Before Going to Hunt

You should never go hunting without at least telling a friend, family member, or a relative. The reason is that anything could happen out there and you may need some help. You should tell them where you are going or the direction you’re headed, and when you will be returning home.

  • Do Not Use Drugs

If you’re under the influence of drugs, you might not be able to handle a firearm with the necessary precautions. Drug influence could make you confuse game and non- game animals. Hunting requires you to be sober and have a clear conscience. You should not use alcohol or any other drug before or during hunting activities.

  • Always Wear Defensive Gear

As a hunter, your eyes and ears are exposed to a variety of potential risks. While firing, firearms produce a loud sound, which is unhealthy to your ears. The burning gas from the bullets could also cause damages to your eyes.

  • Dress Suitably

Do not expose your body to freeze in the forest by wearing light clothes on cold seasons. You should also keep in mind that the weather is subject to change. So, check the weather forecasting reports before going out.

  • Ask for Permission

If you are hunting on private land, you should get approval first. This will save you from many security problems.

  • Use a Compass 

You might get lost in the woods especially if you are hunting in unfamiliar places. Thus, all hunters should have a compass and be able to use it. You might also need to use GPS.


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