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Along the banks of Mississippi lies the city where rock n roll rose to new heights. For the average reader, it might not strike in the first go, but if one mentions the name Elvis Presley, things might come into view instantly. Associated with significant events in American history, Memphis is a place like no other. Its ambiance and culture attract a ton of people on an annual basis. Since traveling the world is a dream for many, one always starts off with a place that is often secluded off from the chaos of the cities.

However, amidst that chaos can be a significant number of things to enjoy if the place holds a significant sport for the people as well as the visitors, and Memphis delivers that pretty well.

Checkpoints that will never leave your memory: The beauty of Memphis

One thing that the city of Memphis is mostly remembered and famous for is its music. There is a reason why it holds a respectable place in any music aficionado’s heart. Ona a good sunny day, or perhaps any day around the year, one can come across one or the other form of any musical event. It’s a vibrant place that knows how to appreciate the art of making good music. With landmarks associated with noble personalities, this city has a music taste that speaks volumes of the people who live here.

And that’s not all, Memphis is also associated with historical events as well, it was here years ago when ideologies for the betterment of the human race were born. A dream of equality and mutual respect for one another, leaders and their immortal goodwill still lives here proudly. There are a ton of things for a traveller who seeks all factions that make up for a complete human society. From cultural references, famous hangouts, to historical landmarks, here are a few places in Memphis, Tennessee, that a traveller must visit.


To start off with, the best thing that actually highlights the prowess of Memphis is its association with music. And with a legendary name like Elvis Presley, an edifice can literally be the best thing to start off the exciting journey that lies ahead. People can now visit the home of this rock n roll legend. A peaceful and beautiful home like no other, the artwork found in the glass panels and even the paint job tells the story of the icon that used to dwell there. Ever since the house’s transformation into a historical edifice, people from across the globe have been visiting it all year long—especially die-hard Elvis fans who enjoy everything about the artist himself.

The Beauty Shop Restaurant

Yet another edifice that is related to the Presley’s is The Beauty Shop Restaurant. It has all the things that a traveler seeks in today’s world. A zest of all the flavors from the modern to the historical one, it serves everyone. The best thing about this edifice is its association with the Presley name, not Elvis’s, though. Today, people enjoy several cocktails while sitting on classic hairdresser’s chairs, the reason? Well, history states that Priscilla Presley, the once spouse of legendary Elvis, used to visit this place for a beautiful hairdo. The aesthetics paint a similar picture as well; the only difference is the fact that now people enjoy dishes and cocktails on the same classy chairs.

National Civil Rights Museum

Now here’s where things get a bit serious. The museum mentioned here holds a significant place in Memphis’s history, the reason being the last place where a great leader once stood. Lorraine Motel is where the great Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, although his mortal body couldn’t bear the test of time, his ideologies for an equal society remain immortal to this day. Visitors today can learn a lot about the struggles and conflict of ideas that used to be relevant beck in the days of apartheid. One can experience a sense of sorrow, followed by a sense of pride for the notion the legend stood for.

Sun Studio

Detouring into the musical realm again, one might wish to witness the place where soothing music numbers saw their genesis. And what could be better than the studio where Elvis Presley used to record his hits. The Sun Studio is the birthplace of rock n roll, not just Elvis Presley, but other music icons such as Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash have also been here jamming on to their most celebrated tracks.

The city of Memphis is an exciting place that calls everyone from far and wide. History has been made here a lot of times, and coupled with pop culture accomplishments, this city serves everyone a golden opportunity every now and then.

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