Informative and Enlightening Details About The Good Reasons To Drink Coffee


Most people usually drink coffee in the morning as a pick-me-up beverage or whenever they feel drowsy and they do not want to fall asleep. This means that most people just take coffee to feel refreshed. But scientific studies have shown that coffee has an assortment of health benefits. These studies include the ones done in the modern days by qualified experts using state of the art tools. The coffee made from organic coffee beans is especially helpful because it does not contain additives. This makes it paramount to know the good health reasons to drink coffee.

Healthy Antioxidants

Coffee has more antioxidant properties than most other beverages such as cocoa and green tea. Scientists have identified about 1,000 antioxidants in coffee beans and more are developed when the beans are roasted. Having antioxidant properties means that coffee can help fight inflammation and also help in dealing with other kinds of health issues.

Boosting Short Term Memory

The caffeine found in coffee plays a major role in boosting short-term memory. This was proved by scientists who observed a group of a hundred volunteer who showed improved brain activity after taking coffee. In fact, this can be the main reason why many people think that coffee is a refresher because they feel fresh after taking coffee. Even though the effect is not long lasting, it does play an important role for people who are studying or want to stay alert at all times.

Reducing Cognitive Decline

People whose cognitive abilities are decreasing can be helped significantly by coffee. Such people include the people who are affected by various cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. All that one needs is to take coffee on regular basis preferably about five cups of coffee daily. The coffee made from espresso beans is especially helpful for it motivates one to take more mugs. The scientific explanation of this particular health benefit is that caffeine prevents the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque which is usually the main cause of different types of dementia.

Improving Health of the Heart

It has been proven by scientific studies that moderate users of coffee are at lower risk of being affected by various heart diseases. One of these studies was done over a period of thirteen years on more than 37, 000 people. The study identified that moderate use of coffee protects against arterial damage caused by inflammation. The exact percentage given by the study is that the moderate drinkers of coffee have 20 percent lower risk of being affected by the heart diseases. All that one needs is to take about two to four mugs of coffee on a daily basis especially the one made using organic coffee beans.

Dealing With Certain Types of Cancer

There are substances in coffee that have the ability to deal with some types of cancer. Some of the types of cancers that might be dealt with by coffee include; prostate cancer in men, endometrial cancer in women, liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and rectal cancer. The scientific explanation of this is that the antioxidant known as polyphenols found in coffee has anticarcinogenic properties that can help in dealing with some types of tumors. Consequently, regular users of coffee reduce their chances of being affected by some types of cancer.

Reducing Chances of Being Affected By Diabetes

Studies have shown that moderate users of coffee reduce their chances of being affected by diabetes by seven percent. The regular users of coffee who drink more than five mugs every day reduce their chances of being affected by diabetes by almost fifty percent. This is attributed to the fact that there are substances in coffee that help in protecting the cells that usually produce insulin. These substances also prevent tissue damage while at the same fighting inflammation. When the insulin-producing cells are properly protected the body is able to produce sufficient quantities of insulin which in turn reduces chances of being affected by diabetes. All that one needs is to keep on drinking coffee regularly with the recommended usage being about five mugs in a day.

Dealing with Depression

It has been proven that people who regularly drink coffee especially the one made from espresso beans have about twenty percent lower chances of being affected by depression. This is an important health benefit because the number of people affected by depression has been rising. The caffeine in coffee usually activates neurotransmitters that are responsible for controlling mood including serotonin and dopamine. One just needs to drink about three to six cups of coffee on a daily basis especially when one feels depressed. Therefore, the outlined good health reasons to drink coffee prove that coffee is not just a refreshing beverage but a beverage that can provide an assortment of health benefits.

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