Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About Storage Systems

One of the toughest decisions a company has to make is how to go about storing data. With companies relying more on computers and software to conduct business, create and transfer documents, and communicate with customers, storing this data is crucial. It is not only about storing the data, but also protecting it and ensuring it is available to access at any time.

But finding the right storage solution is never easy, which is why learning more about the options is always a good idea. Here are some interesting facts about storage systems that will help your company make the right decision about what system to purchase.

VPS Storage

With VPS storage from reputable manufacturers, companies can minimize IT operational costs while ensuring that resources are being used in the most opportune way. It is a unified storage and virtualization solution, with simple and powerful management solutions. Companies that want something efficient but full of features will appreciate what VPS storage offers.

HUS Storage

If VPS is not a solution that companies are looking for, HUS storage offers an alternative. With unified storage solutions, companies can run and manage their files and applications from one device. With a unified system, the storage of data and the input/output of enterprise applications is handled simultaneously.

Buying Refurbished

There are two options when it comes to buying these systems: new or refurbished. The advantage with a new system is that you are getting the latest models and something that has never been used before. However, new systems come with an added price tag, which is not always feasible for small and mid-sized businesses.

To counteract those cost issues, companies can choose to go with a refurbished product from a certified seller. The advantages of a certified product are the lower cost, but also the fact that it is fully refurbished to meet the industry standards of a new product. Interested buyers can click here to look at refurbished items that are lab tested and burned in for at least 72 hours before being shipped to the customer.

Along with lab testing, these products are also customized and configured to meet the buyer’s specifications. This ensures that small and mid-sized businesses are able to get a low cost and feature-filled product that meets their needs.

Attached Maintenance Plans

Aside from selling refurbished systems, certified sellers also offer maintenance programs for these systems. With a maintenance plan, companies get access to 24/7 support and assistance with the management, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of these storage systems. It is beneficial to choose a maintenance plan from the same company that sells the system, as the seller knows how the system was refurbished and customized before being shipped out.

Both VPS and HUS storage solutions have pros and cons. Companies will have to make a decision about what option suits their needs. But the most important decision is to go with a refurbished system, due to the lower cost and added benefit of receiving maintenance from the seller.

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