Unbelievable Facts that You Can’t Miss About Corporate Learning

The head of a company and its management both need to make constant efforts to improve the skills of their team members. There is always something new that can be learned which will increase the overall efficiency in the office and thus set the whole company on a course to a successful future.

Now, corporate learning is a subject that has been gathering the considerable attention of late. Whether it’s an aspiring or already successful company in question, paying close attention to all courses and trainings which are being conducted is a task of vital importance. Although it can be quite effective, there are few aspects of corporate learning that need to be upgraded. Here are some of the facts about corporate learning which you should be aware of.

Corporate Learning Saves Money and Time

Instead of handing out extensive manuals that are filled with dry materials, the business world turned to corporate learning. On one hand, a business that is in need of training that will make new employees capable team members can turn to developing programs which are in accordance with their business policies. On the other hand, a company can turn to courses that focus on upgrading skills of individuals.

Both of these needs are a cheaper alternative to old school methods most of which are outdated right now. For example, Ernst and Young managed to reduce their costs by over thirty percent after they replaced old methods with corporate learning.

Employees Want to Learn More

With a change this big, after a transfer from outdated learning techniques to new methods finally happened, and after new tools such as learning management systems (LMSs) were introduced, the perceptions of how employees see training has changed severely.

In the past, employees who participated in polls and surveys usually found outdated techniques to be time-consuming, during which they could actually do some work. But things have changed now as trainings consist of business related information which will help employees to grow as individuals.

Corporate Learning Improves Team Building

Another important aspect of each company is team building. Although there are a ton of suggestions about very efficient team building activities – which does work – there’s still a problem many companies are dealing with – retention of employees.

It’s not at all uncommon for a new employee to leave a company after the first year. This situation damages businesses and not only financially; there’s also the matter of bringing in a new workforce and training them again.

An interesting thing about corporate learning is that it acts like the most effective team building activity. Other than encouraging team spirit, it’s also a way for a business to show their employees that they can look forward to a bright future. When a company invests serious effort into educating their staff, it’s a clear sign that they mean serious business.

Inadequate Training Costs More

We already mentioned how employees respond to outdated and improper techniques. So, if your business is still using them, you should know that you’re letting valuable work hours down the drain and reducing the overall morale in your company.

So, not only that your team of employees won’t be properly engaged, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve, but they will start looking for a job that has more to offer to them. On a lower scale, the time you spent on inadequate training could have been used for work. While on a higher scale, you will have serious problems with retaining your workforce.

Learners Needs Are Usually Neglected

The fact that employees like corporate training and that they would like to see more of it in the future stands. However, even if you use contemporary methods, it doesn’t mean that they are adequate to your team and suitable to their needs.

Therefore, your choice of trainings and courses that you plan on conducting and the LMS software you’re using have a big role in the overall success of your corporate training.

Results Are Often Incomplete

Another disappointing fact is that analyzing corporate learning is still not fully developed. Considering the fact that we’re living in a world of virtual reality, for example, an analyzing process, no matter how extensive it is, shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course – it really isn’t. The problem here is that not enough attention has been given to analyzing the effect of corporate learning because, so far, it was more important to conduct trainings and create courses accordingly

Although this may be considered as an alleviating factor, it’s still not good enough. In order to be absolutely sure that the trainings and courses you conduct are effective, you need to get your hands on proper results. Of course, a quality learning management software can be of huge assistance in this process, so you should choose your tools wisely. The future of your company depends on it.


Obviously, corporate learning can come with a lot of benefits to any business. However, before a course or a training is officially conducted, you need to be sure that your employees will find it useful and that you’ll be able to find out whether it will have a positive impact on your business. Like any other business decision, this one too requires a strategy.

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