Medical Marijuana’s Impact On Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Anxiety disorders are plentiful with the fast pace of society and the stresses of life being higher than ever. There are dozens of different prescription pills and natural formulas to treat anxiety. Anything from Yoga and Pilates to meditation and medication is used to attempt obliteration of anxiety. The sad part is that despite what you use to help, it usually quits working. However, this is only true if it works against your body’s natural ability.

What is SAD?

One form of anxiety disorder is called Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD. This condition is a severe disorder which causes the individual to have serious panic attacks and high anxiety in social situations. This can lead to job problems and a solitary social life. Sometimes it can even lead to destructive behavior as the person with the issue tends to push people away in an attempt to be alone. Unfortunately, not many natural remedies exist that help.

CBD or THC for Treatment?

Since the legalization of medical marijuana, anxiety disorders are considered treatable with medical cannabis. The varieties that are higher in CBD work the best for anxiety disorders like SAD and even work to prevent psychotic depression. There are very few medications which can display this effect. Conversely, the high THC strains used for other medical problems can actually increase anxiety. This is why high CBD is much more important for anxiety disorders.

In fact, when you see the numerous studies conducted with high CBD medical cannabis, you will discover that CBD is the best and better than THC for anxiety disorders. While many States do have legislation for legal medical cannabis, most do not. How do you get THC-free CBD oil? Get a good start when you click here for additional information. If all you need is CBD, you can get that legally in all 50 States.

Hemp vs Marijuana

You see that you have two different ways to get high CBD oils for medicinal use. The THC varieties with higher CBD still can only be sold by a registered medical dispensary. People in non-legal states will be prohibited from purchase and prosecuted, if discovered, for possession. The second solution is to use totally legal hemp CBD oil and get all of the benefits without the legal problems.

The CBD found in the hemp oil is the same as that found in the higher CBD cannabis strains that also contain THC. The positive effect on SAD and other anxiety issues are still the same. Depending on how much CBD you use, the different the cost will be. Highly concentrated oils are available for reasonable prices at online stores so you can easily discover the benefits on your own.

If you suffer from SAD or other serious anxiety disorders, be sure you check with a physician to make sure there is no underlying cause by a more serious condition. Then you can try CBD oil and potentially get started on a way to a better life with comfortable and healthy social interactions. CBD has changed many lives for the better and it will be around for a long time to come.

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