Nokia 3310 Coming Back 2017

Nokia 3310 Coming Back 2017: This news is circulating in the social media that all time favorite Nokia 3310 is making its comeback to hit the market again with a bang. If Nokia has not stopped the production of the Nokia 3310 then this year it would have been 17 years old. Nokia 3310 was on of the pioneers of the current smartphones, don’t you believe this? What if I say that Nokia 3310 had the voice recognition ability, yes it is true, if you press and hold the home key then it would ask you say the name of the person you want to make a call. For this, you have to preset the voice on the contact you want to make a call by saying their name.

Nokia 3310 Coming Back 2017

In September 2000, Nokia launched their one of the best selling mobile phone Nokia 3310. Now they have decided to make it usable again for their customers. Nokia 3310 was state of the art product with immense battery power which could stand up for many days. Who can forget the ultimate strong body of the mobile set? These two qualities had made this phone the best phone of the history of mobile phones.

Nokia 3310 Coming Back 2017
Meme on Nokia – Nokia 3310 Coming Back 2017

Although it is still feasible to buy an original Nokia 3310 on amazon, the handset is being offered on the market – now not through the corporation itself. In line with the item listing, the functions of the Nokia 3310 include a clock, calculator, the ability to keep 10 reminders, and four preinstalled games. Snake ii, Pairs ii, Area impact and Batumi are the games that come with the phone.

The refreshed version of the Nokia 3310 (which we will only wish will ship with a copy of snake ii preinstalled) is predicted to set customers again some €59 (kind of £50). It is uncertain whether or not the remodeled mobile smartphone will consist of any new smart capabilities – or whether it’ll encompass the equal low-res software that powered the original.

The finances mobile cellphone is rumored to be announced on the mobile world congress tradeshow in Barcelona, which starts on February 26th. HMD Global, the company behind the Nokia, is also aiming to launch some of the best smartphones under the umbrella of Nokia.

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