Reasons to Hire Security Guards from a Security Company

Surprisingly, many businesses and apartment buildings hire security guards who are not part of a security company. The rising crime rate in metropolitan cities has created a growing sense of concern among residents and business owners. According to a survey conducted by the FBI, 7.2 million cases related to property crime were reported in 2018.

Slowly, businesses and residential communities have begun to realize the importance of hiring a security guard service to ensure the safety and protection of your family and staff along with your assets.

Before we outline the many benefits of hiring Ranger security guards, let’s take a look at the process of hiring security guards.

What to Consider When Looking for Security Guards

Search Online

You can search the Internet for the best security services in your area, where you can read reviews from customers, find more information about the security company, discover how many employees they have, and learn about their terms and conditions.

Neighborhood Communities

Ask for references from others in your neighborhood. They may be able to recommend reliable security services they have used previously.

It is important to conduct a thorough background check before settling on a security company. Inquire about the kind of training they provide to their staff, make sure they are certified by state and local authorities, and that they follow protocols and regulations as prescribed by law.

Identify and Discuss Your Requirements

Once you have narrowed your search to a few options, discuss your needs with those security companies. Understanding your needs and concerns will help them in placing the best Ranger security guards on your premises.

Additionally, take independent steps to determine whether or not the security service has the requisite resources for your needs. Better companies provide timely training and development workshops for their staff and employees, so ask those you meet about recent training programs or certifications they or their colleagues have achieved.

Cost of Hiring Security Guards

Some people are tempted to engage an individual or non-professional security guard because they want to avoid the expense of hiring a security guard service. But that can be a false saving because if something happens, the training, accountability, and professionalism that comes with a licensed professional security guard are well worth the investment.

Pricing will depend on the security service company, its scale of business, and the quality of staff that they provide. Those factors can include the costs of training, security equipment and vehicles, liability coverage, and the compensation level of the security staff.

Finally, make your final choice after comparing quotes from different security companies and balancing their quality against their cost to get the best value.

With those considerations in mind, let’s look at the advantages of hiring professional security guards.

Why Hire Professional Security Guards?

Your security is your responsibility. So, selecting the right security service for your home or business is something you shouldn’t put off until “someday.” Professionals offer definite advantages whenever security is a concern.

Well-Trained Professional Guards

The security guards provided by a professional security service have training in defense, arms, and a whole catalog of specialties matched to your specific needs. Also, when hiring a security guard service, you do not have to worry about whether the guards will be efficient. They have established routines, protocols, and priorities, so you can feel comfortable putting yourself in their hands.

Save Time and Resources

If you had to cover the expense of hiring, training, and maintaining the necessary equipment for an internal security service, you’d be looking at a major investment of both time and resources such as funding, facilities, management, training, etc. Hiring security personnel from a professional agency takes care of these complications and leaves you with a solution that’s ready to implement almost immediately.

Eliminate the HR Headache

When you hire a security service agency, it protects you from external threats as well as internal responsibility. If you were to hire your own guard(s), then you would need to pay for their ongoing training and safety certifications. And what happens to your security when your guards are attending training programs, appearing in court, or on vacation? With a professional security guard service, those issues are handled for you.

Furthermore, anytime you need to upgrade or downgrade your security needs, all you need to do is call the security agency to make the change.

Final Thoughts

Private security is projected to be a nearly $240 billion business in 2020, and in America today, these private security guards outnumber the police. But like the police, security guards from quality agencies are trained and equipped to handle many kinds of situations, including fights, medical emergencies, or even criminal incidents. They have the presence of mind and awareness to tackle difficult situations. Therefore, it is always better to hire responsible, licensed, and qualified Ranger security guards who are trained by professional security experts.

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