Roti or Rice: Which one to Include in Your Weight Loss Diet & Why?

Rice is easier to digest than the roti. Rice has starch in it. Where roti digest slowly. But due to a very slow digestion procedure, roti keeps you full for a longer period, which is naturally a big plus point for all the health-conscious persons. Also, roti helps to lose weight. But both the rice and roti can give you folate, this is a water-soluble vitamin B. Rice is the better source of folate than chapattis or roti.

But many people do not know why continuing chapatti is a better idea when it comes to weight loss. The factor is roti contains less dietary fiber. Along with that, roti contains protein and fat less in the comparison of chapatti or rice. Rice also carries a high amount of calories. Along with that, it does not provide the same satiety as two roti can give. But still, chapatti or roti can only help you to lose weight here are some reasons given below.

Why Choose Roti for Weight Loss

If there is any comparison, what would be the best for your weight loss, and then you should choose roti. Roti is the best and healthier option when it comes to weight loss. But first of all, you have to remember two things. Loading loads of ghee or butter on your roti would not help you to lose weight. It’s not even healthier than bread.

If you are thinking to eat a slice of bread with plenty amount of salad can help you to lose weight faster then roti, you should go for it. You should have roti with some low-fat vegetables that can help you to lose your weight. If you think making roti is tough, then you can use Rotimatic roti maker to make roti easily. It can make rotis for you very quickly without any additional effort in the kitchen Before buy it check the rotimatic reviews online.

Roti Keeps Away Weight Gaining Worries

Rice and the chapatti have a jeopardized relationship for our weight loss journey plans. Sich in India people have grown up of eating both, the roti and rice, so it’s quite difficult for them to cut out one out of them. Also, it’s very difficult to let both of it go.

Starting a weight loss plan is quite easy, but sticking on the weight loss journey and ignore all the weight gaining items all the time, it’s a big issue. But not plans required giving up upon all the foods.

Why Curb Is The Enemy

For good health, everyone needs every protein vitamins and fat to maintain good health. But gaining weight can be another problem. So you have to take every amount of food in a perfect proportion. Carbohydrates less food can help you massively in the function of weight loss. Indian lunch is not complete without a carb. The major carb components like rice and chapatis are the source of major carbohydrates.

There are a number of Indian preparations based on the wheat-based and also last but not the list rice base. So completely rejecting rice and roti is not a good idea. You have to take it under the instruction of your dietician.

What Is The Main Difference

Many people want to reject the sodium from their diet due to their medical problems; then roti is the thing that you should knock off. But as everyone knows, roti is the best for weight loss. Because of rice containing fewer amounts of dietary fiber, protein, and fat if you compared to roti. Also, rice can provide high calories that are not equally the same as two roti.

Rice takes less time to digest but on the other roti takes quite a long time to digest what In the meantime keep you full for a long day and you do not have to eat more often, that is why roti can offer weight loss faster than rice.

How Many Roti Can Help You In Weight Loss

If you want to lose 500 grams to 800 grams in a week, then you have to take a maximum of 1400 to 1600 calories restrictedly to intake in your daily life. Every single roti contains 100 or sometimes 150 calories, well that is based on how much curry you are taking with your roti. So you have to eat only after calculating the items you are having with your roti. So if you want to lose weight, calculate properly.

But it is better if you are following a weight loss journey; you are taking at least not more than four roti in a day. So if you have 4 roti in your breakfast, then you should have a medium lunch and a small dinner for an entire day. Nowadays Rotis are easily made in Roti Makers like Rotimatic.


Roti that is made of wheat flour has 340 calories. Where rice contains 360 kcal in every 100gram. So look after before having something if you are in a weight loss journey.

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