Simply How Much Personal Loan Will I Get on My Salary

Of all the available loans, personal loans are the easiest to acquire. When you’re running low on cash, personal online loans are helpful and the most convenient. They provide a person with funds when they need it. Personal loans are the highest option for the majority of people. This is because they are unsecured, which means no assets are required to be pledged as security for the loan. However, personal loans have a disadvantage in that they carry higher interest rates than secured loans.

Even though applying for a personal loan is a simple process, getting the loan approved can be quite challenging.

Salary is an essential consideration for personal loans

The most important factors that determine the amount of personal loan that is disbursed are the borrower’s salary and the credit score report. The person’s income is considered as the top determinant factor since it shows the borrower’s ability to pay off the personal loan in time. In other words, the salary of the borrowers shows the chances of the borrower defaulting the private loan payment.

Other reasons make salary a top consideration before a borrower is extended personal loans. For instance, if a borrower earns quite a high salary, then this can increase a person’s borrowing scope. A high salary also means that the borrower has higher flexibility chances with the loan tenors.

How much can a personal loan be approved on my salary?

It should be noted that there isn’t any set income parameter for judging a person’s suitability for a personal loan. What happens most times is that the lender like BugisCredit into the borrowers’ credit history. The credit history could include any defaulted loan payments in the past or the existence of other current loans, different from the one being applied for.

Since these are the primary things that lenders look into, a borrower needs to keep in mind two things. First, when borrowing a personal loan, they should approach the lending company directly. Second, the borrower must work to maintain his or her credit score over 700.

In the long run, it is the them to determine how much personal loan a borrower can be granted.

However, the majority of the banks offer a personal loan limit per individual. Before approving the loans, these local lenders first evaluate the applicant’s salary as well as the income’s potential for growth. At most times, personal loan applicants are eligible for loans that amount up to 30 times their monthly salary.

Personal loan calculator

Most lenders keep the loan EMIs to approximately 45-60% of the borrower’s monthly salary. This, they do intend to minimize the chances of defaulting by the borrowers. EMI stands for Equated Monthly Installment. This refers to the amount that a person who has borrowed a loan is required to pay throughout the loan tenure to pay off the personal loan amount. For each EMI paid, a part of the due amount is also repaid. The role of the due that is repaid includes the principal and the interest added on the loan amount. If a borrower intends to determine their EMI payout, they can make use of the Personal loan EMI calculator.

In other words, the personal loan EMIs taken at initial stages result in more payment of the due interest in comparison with the principal. On the contrary, as time passes on the course of the loan tenure, EMIs result in more repayment of the principal personal loan amount.

To calculate the EMI on your loan amount, you can use an IIFL Personal loan EMI calculator. This calculator determines the EMI of the loans by taking particular loan amounts at interest for either 2, 3, or 5 years (with ‘a’ being a specific rate of interest). If you are interested in calculating how much personal loan you can get on your monthly salary, you could try IIFL personal loan eligibility calculator. This calculator outgoes other EMIs and provides entirely accurate results on the number of personal loans that an individual can get on their salary.

The IIFL personal loan calculator is the best EMI calculator of all. First, it gives a very close estimate of the amount of personal loan that an individual can qualify for. More so, it provides one with the opportunity to apply for personal loans online. These online loans are helpful as they serve to increase the chances for fast approval. This calculator is very fast, such that within 5 minutes, an individual can determine how much personal loan they can get on their salary. The IIFL personal loan calculator also has an option for uploading an applicant’s files. When an applicant has uploaded their records online, they can receive the loan amount in their account in as few as 8 hours.


The decision on how much personal loan you can get on your salary is dependent on the lender. The lenders determine such using the credit scores and credit histories of the loan applicants. If you have attractive credit scores and good credit history, then your chances of getting higher loans are high. On the other hand, having a credit history of defaulting past loan payments could lead to lesser or even zero chances for your getting a loan. Therefore, no matter what your salary is, work on maintaining your credit score and history; that is the key to being eligible for higher loans.

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