Slip and Fall Accident? Everything You Need To Know To Get Compensation

The ‘slip and fall’ accident is one of the most common types of minor accidents in Australia, with thousands of people a year being injured in this manner. Injuries could range from some scrapes and bruises, through to something far more serious like a broken bone or head injury.

Apart from suffering an injury and the pain that goes along with that, when people are injured due to a slip and fall, on many occasions their income suffers too, as they might not be able to work, plus there are medical and pharmaceutical expenses on top of that.

For victims to be reimbursed for their all round suffering, a compensation claim can often be made. These claims are generally made against insurance companies, and although it’s every Australian’s right to be able to make a claim for damages, it’s not always that simple. Insurance companies are never keen to pay out money, so they’ll find every excuse possible to deny a claim. For this reason it’s always wise to enlist the aid of public liability compensation lawyers.

Some Examples of Slip and Fall Accidents

More often than not the elderly and small children are more prone to slip and fall incidents, but in reality they can happen to anybody. Public spaces such as supermarkets and shopping malls are common areas where slip and falls can happen, due to spills on the floor and floors that are wet from recent mopping.

Maybe just as common as the slip and fall is the ‘trip and fall’ accident, where the victim trips on something on the floor, uneven ground, a hole in the ground and so on. It’s just as easy to trip as slip and many people suffer injuries in this manner every single year.

These rather simple accidents could happen practically anywhere. In many cases no serious injuries results from the mishap, but if it does, then a claim for compensation could be made.

The Steps You Should Take In the Event of Injury

The very first thing you should do is report the incident to the person, business or institution involved, even if you’re not seriously injured. They need to be made aware of the hazard, or others risk injury as well. It’s always wise to do this in writing, making sure you keep a copy for yourself.

For more serious injuries as a result of the accident, naturally you need to seek medical attention. Once again, you’ll want the doctor and medical staff to record a written account of your injuries and how they occurred. This paperwork will come in handy if you decide to forge ahead and make a claim for compensation.

If you do want to claim compensation, you could file the claim yourself, but you stand a far better chance of a successful outcome if you go through a lawyer.

How a Personal Injury Compensation Lawyer Can Help You

Firstly, you’ll want to choose a law firm that specialises in compensation claims, as they’ll have far more experience in the industry than a general law firm that does a bit of everything. Specialist law firms have also built up relationships with people at the various insurance companies, as they’re regularly dealing with each other. Not only does this experience and familiarity give you a much better chance of achieving a successful outcome, but possibly a higher compensation payout as well.

If a claim goes to court it could take up to a year before the case is heard and resolved, however, on many occasions your lawyer will be able to negotiate a deal with the insurance company without the need for a court hearing, thus resulting in a much speedier resolution.

Many law firms will give you a free consultation to discuss your case and determine its viability. If they take on your personal injury claim, they’ll also work on a no win no fee basis. For you this means it’s a no risk scenario to chase up a compensation claim, and this is one of the key reasons you’re better off enlisting a lawyer’s help rather than trying to do everything yourself.

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