The Best Bell & Ross Watches in the Market Today

Bell & Ross timepieces draw inspiration from military specifications and aviation history. This goes back to the notion that functionality shapes form. With that, every watch showcases fascinating visual and robust performance qualities. They make wristwatches for drivers, bomb disposal experts, astronauts, and pilots, among others.

Simply put, watches from the brand continue to be remarkable. It’s only a matter of time before timepiece aficionados all over the world distinguish their name. Their timepieces come with a distinctive set of innovative and advanced features.

To provide you a headstart, here are some of the best picks.

The Bell & Rose Vintage

This Bell and Ross Vintage model has a classic black dial and gorgeous brown leather wristband with visible stitching. The chronograph, date, and GMT 2nd time zone feature turn this into a very practical and functional timepiece.

Bell and Ross’s Vintage collection has an automatic movement, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a polished steel case. Sport this watch with a business casual attire, and you’ll be sure to be the best-looking person in the room.

The Bell & Ross Racing Bird

Looking at Bell & Ross’ Racing Bird V1-92, we discover a pilot’s timepiece with a sturdy white dial, orange, grey, and blue accents, and a visible “three-day” date display that is intended to elicit the feel and look of an airplane gauge.

It is challenging not to recognize the appeal of a simple but elegantly detailed pilot’s timepiece. The brand’s BR V1-92 Racing Bird does an outstanding job of blending the design language set forth by the offerings of the BR-Bird design. Motivated by its BR-Bird racing plane style, this is a colorful and modern take on a traditional pilot’s timepiece.

The Bell & Ross Military Beige

There is really a perfect balance to this wristwatch that’s difficult to come by; the models normally connected with Bell & Ross do not quite epitomize the same kind of practical design that this V2-92 gets right.

The watch is a total military collection, with design features borrowed from field timepieces and dive wristwatches jammed in a thin case. The encrusted crystal provides some extra thickness for up to 12mm thickness, but thanks to the high domed crystal and slim case, you still have a very wearable timepiece.

The Bell & Ross Phantom

Have you ever seen your wardrobe and discovered it is full of black outfits? These days that monochromatic attire is very trendy, Bell & Ross has a suitable wristwatch for you. Why don’t you consider the BR 03-92 Phantom as an essential accessory for your trendy OOTD?

Living up to its label, the Phantom is created with matte black ceramic overall. From its dial to its strap, and even its hour indicators. Its monochromatic design looks sophisticated without suffering visibility. This watch is perfect for the explorers who want to keep their timepiece minimalist.

The Bell & Ross GMT

A sporty and handsome take on the travel timepiece enters the series with their BR V2-93 GMT that is a nicely sized and really beautiful looking watch. It is difficult to argue with the watch’s 41mm size and its steel case, black/grey bezel, and light but efficient use of orange color – all of which make for a versatile and distinctive timepiece that would be a perfect fit for all, including the most formal travel engagements.

Final Thoughts

Bell & Ross is not as mainly recognized as some watchmaking names. But they have formed a distinctive niche to continue and serve to uphold high quality and standards. In the watchmaking world, this brand is recognized to make watches that are suitable in a professional environment. Whichever you pick, you are certain that Bell & Ross timepieces will never let you down.


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