Top Seiko Watches for Women Who Wish to Achieve Name and Fame

One of the most esteemed brands out of Japan, Seiko was established in 1881 and has made a name for itself as a premium manufacturer of mechanical and quartz watches. Seiko movements are ubiquitous and widely accepted to be very high-quality, to the extent that they have been the official timekeeper for many iterations of the Olympic Games. They make excellent dress watches as well as sportier diver watches and rugged field timepieces.

Several icons of the sport have flaunted Seikos, their international brand ambassadors ranging from Landon Donovan and Jenson Button to Novak Djokovic and Wang Leehom. They have featured extensively in movies like Alien and the James Bond franchise, and on the wrists of celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Brian May. In 2011, they also signed a lucrative deal to become the official watch sponsor of the world’s most successful and recognized football club, FC Barcelona. This brand power and their distinctive design, along with their availability at almost every price range ensure that Seiko remains popular and their watches are always noticed wherever the wearer goes.

As per https://www.forbes.com, there are several benefits of flaunting a nice watch for everyday wear. Whether you are at your workplace or play, everyone would be noticing your timepiece. It demonstrates that you are having an element of style and elegance. It could even boost your career. Owning a versatile watch that could be teamed up with all your outfits is simply a matter of comfort and convenience. However, it is quite challenging to buy a watch without compromising with style.

To Go for Dressy Evenings

Sometimes accessories can be hard to pick- when you’re torn between a watch and a bracelet, go for a watch with a bracelet instead. Several fashion watches are designed to specifically be eye-catching while being sleek enough to never overpower the austerity of the rest of your outfit. Swarovski makes incredibly beautiful crystal accents for the Seiko Solar watches with stainless steel bands, which makes them an excellent pick. The dainty 22mm case may not feel like much, but it looks fantastic and can take a beating, thanks to its 30m water resistance. The Japanese Quartz movement will stay accurate for years and is remarkably low maintenance too. Opt for beautiful yet highly-functional Seiko Singapore watches.

To Be Eco-Friendly

You wouldn’t wish to look dull and boring just because you are an environmentalist and an eco-warrior. You could easily go green but stay cool and sophisticated with the Lukia Wave Solar Radio SSQV020 watch or Solar SUP403P9 watch from the amazing Seiko Ladies Watch Collection. These amazing watches are great for minimizing your carbon footprint and at the same time, let your style and fashion quotient stay intact.

The Solar SUP403P9’s tank-shape and the mother-of-pearl face keeps the watch classy and chic for chiefly daytime wear, however, the diamonds present on the bezel add an element of glamour, making the watch ideal for evenings too. These models of Seiko ladies’ watches are pocket-friendly and eco-friendly too. What more could a fashionable and eco-friendly woman of 2020 ask for?

To Have Fun Weekends with Pals

When you are looking to double your enjoyment and fun with your bosom friends, you could flaunt the Seiko Solar SUP391P9 watch that has a double strap. Whether you are going out for shopping with girlfriends or getting ready to enjoy a movie or thinking of visiting the new restaurant in town, this chic yet fun solar Seiko watch could be a show-stealer and a head-turner.

You could start playing with the strap simply by changing the strap as per your activity or mood. It could be red for shopping, white for bowling, or black for a wild outing with bosom friends from school. The mother-of-pearl dial and the Swarovski crystals present on the lugs and bezel could make this watch stunning enough for a fancy date with your BFFs.


Women have access to a broad spectrum of Seiko watches. You could choose one as per your mood and occasion. However, the rich, the famous, and the distinguished personalities love Seiko. Do you?

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