The Comprehensive Wedding Website Guide

February arrives and it seems that love begins to manifest itself in every corner. Romantic advertising, flowers and chocolate promotions can be found anywhere. February 14 becomes increasingly a date romantically attractive to the market.

In addition to delivering gifts and experiences to their loved ones, on Valentine’s Day many couples decide to commit themselves; and after the commitment comes one of the most important moments: the preparation for the wedding.

Maybe you are not the most romantic or do not love the subject of weddings, however on this date we let ourselves get a little bit of the magic of romanticism. For this reason we wanted to create a different content: learn how to create a wedding website or why not, someone else’s wedding.

Creating your wedding website

Now that you have decided to give online presence to your wedding, we will tell you what are the steps you must follow to bring your website to life.

1. Custom domain registration

This will be the first step you should think about to create your wedding website. The domain is the name that will have your site web; then you can be creative and register the domain with the names of the couple. It is important to keep in mind that there are several online tools that allow you to create a website, however it is not possible to customize the domain, make sure that it is possible to customize your domain.

2. Hire a secure Web Hosting plan

Once you have defined the name of your website, you can choose a suitable web hosting plan for the time and the need of your website. If you want to create it with photographs, videos, space for messages and comments it is important that you take into account the storage capacity and the security that it offers you. You do not want your wedding website to have a virus or be unavailable.

3. Create the website

As well as any site, you can customize your wedding website and create it the way you want; with different sections. You can tell your story, connect your site with social networks and also manage logistics issues.

Now yes, get to work!

It’s time to design your website. Think about the sections you want to have, are you going to tell the story of how they met? Are you going to publish photographs?

To create your website you can use different WordPress templates, or also use the Site Builder included in the Web Hosting plans.


In addition to having a romantic record in the digital world. Creating a website for your wedding, will help you simplify many of the tasks that are carried out in the wedding preparations.

Make sure that people can easily navigate through your wedding website, so that the experience is as unforgettable as the expected day. Have one of the most beautiful memories of a special day.


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