Top 3 Mind-Blowing Facts About ‘Call Of Duty’

Call Of Duty is one of the most popular videogame series in the world. Not only did it bring a lot of attention to the FPS genre, but it’s highly competitive, and its games have tons of great modes for experts and beginners alike. Which does make you wonder, are there any things about Call Of Duty that make it one of a kind? Believe it or not, the Call Of Duty series has constantly managed to grow and now it’s one of the major game series in the entire world. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about this game series!

We were close to having a Call Of Duty trading card game

Yes, aside from the action-packed shooting experience, we were also close to having a Call Of Duty trading card game. The game was in development at Upper Deck Entertainment. The idea here was to introduce the world to 2 players that would deploy soldiers and apply for action cards. It was a unique approach from a trading card experience, and there was plenty of action.

Despite the fact that there was a lot of interest regarding a trading card version of Call Of Duty, the project was canceled. They were supposed to release it in 2008, but it was never released. Speaking of that, the Create A Class part of Call Of Duty is actually inspired by a board game named Carcassonne. As you can see, Call Of Duty does have its roots deep within the board game world.

Someone played a Call Of Duty game without break for 135 hours and 50 minutes

Most of us get engaged into the game experience and end up spending multiple hours playing COD. One person took it to the next level. Okan Kaya from Australia set the Guinness World record for playing the game 135 hours and 50 minutes. He was allowed to take a 10-minute break for every hour of gameplay, and those breaks could accumulate for a 7 hour sleep. That being said, he was able to rise on 37th place on the Call Of Duty leaderboard in 2012, so it was quite the experience.

People have been playing Call Of Duty longer than humanity has existed

With Warzone wins not counting, it’s important to note that people have been addicted to COD and they are sinking a ridiculous amount of hours. According to Uberfacts in January 2020, people have collectively spent more than 25 billion hours or 2.85 million years playing COD. This is mind-blowing, and it shows just how much people are dedicated to this game. It’s incredible, and it shows the true popularity of the game.


As you can see, the COD series continues to set records every year, in fact, it’s usually among the yearly best-selling games. It’s easy to see why, it has a great multiplayer, and with the addition of its free-to-play Battle Royale experience, there are numerous ways to play the game, free or paid. That’s what makes it stand out above the rest, and it’s incredibly interesting!

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