Top 8 Luxury Fashion Brands Every Fashionista Should Wear

Do you see people wandering the shops looking incredible and wonder how it is they pull off such awesome looks? The honest truth? They are more than likely investing in the luxury brands that not only stand the test of time but they never go out of style.

Everyone loves a label, but what are the big luxury fashion houses that any self-respecting fashionista should be shopping for and wearing? Well, we have good news for you because we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the top 8 luxury fashion brands labels that every fashionista should be wearing. So, sit back and get ready to make up a list of brands to start shopping

From perfumes to scarves, ties, and more – Hermes is a level of luxury that most of us can only ever dream of attaining. What’s more, 71% of the company is still family owned which means you can feel good about making your purchase with a strong, family owned business who have been willing to strike out and take risks for decades.

What speaks to luxury fashion more than Coco Chanel? Not only did she popularise the little black dress, she was also the creator of the power suit. Not content with women being limited to just wearing dresses this fashion innovator pushed the boundaries. Hey, you can also thank her for bronzer. Regardless, Chanel is still pushing the lines of fashion and stepping out to create stunning pieces of all types.

Dior is one of those longstanding luxury brands that cater to everyone. If you’re looking for haute couture it can be yours. Equally, you can nab a ready to wear look for any occasion or just go with special occasion wear. There is clothing, accessories, fragrances, and there’s even a kid’s line so your little ones can show off, too. There’s nothing quite like nabbing a luxury brand for your everyday clothing.

Why not get started with some earrings?

The devil wears it, so why wouldn’t you? Nothing says trendsetter like a piece from Prada. Not only do they have clothing and accessories on offer, but they even branched out into the mobile phone industry. If that isn’t fashion forward thinking I don’t know what is!

Why not get your collection started with a stylish pair of sunglasses?

Where would we be without the stunning stylings of Jimmy Choo? Who loves the ultimate shoe brand? It’s veritable who’s who on the Hollywood red carpet and Wonder Women, Gal Gadot, herself is a sucker for these delicious delights.Why not save as you spend?Join the ranks of the bold and beautiful by investing in your own pair now.

Whether you choose to accessorize with a belt or a bag, shoes or a coat… no one will miss the fact that you are decked in Gucci. Just a subtle piece is enough to let people know that you take fashion seriously – that you know how to harness the power of the luxury fashion brand.

It only takes one piece of luxury fashion to elevate your look – use this knowledge wisely. Of course, Kate Middleton is a huge fan of the late Alexander McQueen who was one of Gucci’s most prolific fashion and style innovators.

They might be more famous for their string of must-have handbags, but there is more to the brand than that. In fact, some of the biggest designers in the world design for them including Karl Lagerfeld, who designed they’re ready to wear line.

Whether you prefer to get started with the line of handbags or dive right into the fashion – Fendi is an excellent place to get your luxury brand shopping started.

It wouldn’t be a trip to the airport without spotting a plethora or Louis Vuitton pieces of luggage scattered around the departure lounge. Are you on board? The good news is they’ve branched out well beyond that and you can now choose from their ready to wear collection and even enhance your office or workspace with some notebooks and pencils.

Are you looking to get in on the luxury fashion brand action? There’s good news, you can and you can spend less while you’re at it. Simply visit OZCodes to benefit from a plethora of discount codes and vouchers. Why spend more than you need to just to get the look you deserve? Better yet, many of these luxury labels offer homewares, too, so you can dress more than yourself with these brands. Deck out your home in style, too.

You (and your home) deserve to look as amazing as you feel and stepping out in a luxury fashion brand can give you a serious confidence boost. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner diva and enjoy the stylings of your favorite fashion labels. Whether you’re a Fendi lady, you prefer Jimmy Choo, or you are all about Chanel – wear it with confidence, wear it with pride, and be your best self.

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