How to upload multiple items on Instagram

More than 24 hours has been passed since the Instagram has let the users upload multiple items for the slideshow. Now Instagram users are allowed to upload up to 10 images/videos at once to make a slideshow on the Instagram. But how to upload multiple items on Instagram? Let’s discuss the feature fist.

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About six years ago Instagram hit the market with very few features which restricted the users to upload only small resolution square images with only a few filters to play with and that was for IOS users only. Android users had to wait for 2 years to get this amazing app. Since then Instagram keeps producing new features to retain the user’s interest in the app.

If an image/picture is worth one thousand words, imagine the value of 10 images. Just upload the full story of the family dinner, prom night, weekend hangout, rock concert or trip to jungle with multiple images. But how to upload multiple items on Instagram?

How to upload multiple items on Instagram

It’s just as easy as uploading the one item on the Instagram. Do you know how to send 10 items in the Whatsapp chat, well, the same scenario is applied here. Just press and hold the first item you want to add in the slide show, then multiple items can be selected.

Press and hold the first item you want to add in the slideshow

upload multiple items on Instagram
Press and hold to turn on the feature to select multiple items

Select multiple items

upload multiple items on Instagram - tenoblog.com
Select multiple items up to 10 items

Apply the filter

upload multiple items on Instagram - tenoblog.com
The Same filter will be applied to the whole post and on all items

Add your hashtags and share with the world

upload multiple items on Instagram - tenoblog.com
Add your hashtags and let the world know what are you sharing

Many people are unaware of this brand new feature of the Instagram, people are just pressing heart sign to like the post instead of swipe to check the other items in the slideshow. One of the flaws of this slideshow feature which may be not be liked by the users is that user doesn’t have the opportunity to apply filter separately on every item of the slideshow. Only one filter would be applied to all the list items in the slideshow. We just hope Instagram will look into it and will make some changes to this slideshow soon.

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