Facebook to clone Snapchat in Whatsapp

Facebook is on the mission to reveal new features in their products, the legacy continues, this time a new feature is being injected in the Whatsapp mobile app for the smart phones. Snapchat is the mother of all the filtered stuff we experience in many other smartphone apps. Snapchat keeps updating their filters regularly which makes the users open and use Snapchat quite often and then. The most useful feature of Snapchat is the story timeline where users put their picture, video or gif to be viewed for few seconds and story will be vanished after 24 hours.

Facebook to clone Snapchat in Whatsapp - tenoblog.com
Facebook to clone Snapchat in Whatsapp – tenoblog.com

The same feature was adopted by Instagram and a story timeline was added to the top of the Instagram. Somehow it is a pleasant feature having a temporary showcase of the pictures or videos and auto deleted after 24 hours, amazingly no one will be able to save the story until they screenshot it.

Whatsapp story timeline feature

On the 8th birthday of Whatsapp mobile app, the same story timeline feature is going to be the part of the Whatsapp. Now the Whatsapp users would be able to showcase their selected items for 24hours using story timeline.

Whatsapp story timeline feature - tenoblog.com
Whatsapp story timeline feature – tenoblog.com

Facebook is more likely aiming to top the market by pushing Snapchap growth down. Facebook has already added many useful features to edit videos and images while chatting either on FB messenger or Whatsapp mobile app. On the official Whatsapp blog, they have mentioned it now Whatsapp users can post their status as story timeline exactly they do on Instagram. In Feb 2009, Whatsapp was launched for the first time and had the feature of status now after 8 years of the appearance of the first version of the Whatsapp it is going to have a new Status Story Feature. The layout of the story is identical to the Snapchat and the Instagram.

Now need to wait and see what Snapchat is going to do in the response of this step taken by Facebook to make sure the growth of the Snapchat would not be affected.

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