What You Need to Know Before Getting a GaN Charger

Face it: you cannot live without your phone. At this point, who can? Aside from the primary function of communicating with family, friends, and coworkers, everyone practically uses their phones for everything. You use it to play games, watch movies, call a cab, get food delivered, and a lot more. This makes it essential to keep your phone charged, so you can use it whenever and wherever you need it. But what happens when you wake up late in the morning with your phone almost dead, and you have to be in the office as soon as possible? This is when your reliable GaN charger comes in.

What is a GaN charger, and how does it compare with a silicon charger?

GaN or Gallium Nitride chargers work the same way as regular silicon chargers but are physically smaller, making them more convenient to carry around and even actually use without obstructing a nearby outlet. The physical advantage is made possible by the fact that a GaN charger does not need as many components as a silicon charger. It is usually marketed as a fast charger, a popular product today, as it is not just for a mobile phone, but also other devices, such as laptops and tablets.

In material science, gallium nitride is more advantageous than silicon in more than just one area. Aside from chargers, GaN is also used in the manufacture of LED displays and Blu-ray DVDs.

While silicon chargers and transistors are highly effective, their advancement in technology may have peaked. It is why experts and researchers believe that this type of charger will soon replace silicon in many areas, including the manufacture of chargers and transistors. As GaN transistors can be produced using the same facilities as silicon transistors, no additional cost is needed to put up a piece of new equipment or plant. Even if it is vital, the cost would be minimal.

On top of little capital expense, the operational expense is also less with its transistors compared to silicon ones. Gallium nitride can naturally convert energy at a more efficient rate, which means that the cost for power consumption is lower. It is because the GaN charger has a higher bandgap efficiency, which means that current can pass through its chip faster than a silicon chip.

Efficient and Safe Fast Charging with a GaN Charger

In every aspect of life, safety should be everyone’s priority. While your mobile phone is but a small piece of device, any mishap or carelessness could result in damage and tragedy. Now, with tech being a booming industry, some sprouting companies tend to prioritise income over corporate responsibility. This means that being cautious with any product is only practical. So, is a GaN charger safe?

As a product that is potentially gaining consumer interest, GaN chargers have received its fair share of sceptic reactions. But most manufacturers say that these chargers are safe as they incorporate high breakdown voltages, low resistances, and fast switching responses. All these combined contribute to a more efficient yet safe, fast charging process that is well-facilitated by simultaneous switching properties.

Gallium nitride has been in use for a while now in the semiconductor industry. It is mostly used to produce efficient power transistors in the market. However, for consumers, this seemingly new product spells convenience because of the features it offers. Fortunately, brands worldwide are now gearing towards the use of GaN chargers across different devices.

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