When You Buy Ergonomic Chair: A Read Before

The lifestyle of the current generation is by far governed by the system screens and chairs. Almost every office job requires good hours of sitting on a chair without any entertainment of movement. As a result, the introduction of physical disorders is not by far a reality. Few of the offices, devoting enough attention to human resources have found out a well-laid solution to it.

An ergonomic chair is one such product which is an excellent solution to the above problems. It is designed so that one can sit comfortably, allowing free movements to body part along with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. It comes with the adjustable parts which can be customized as per the comforts giving you a safer work hour. There are lots of chairs that are available in the market that claim to be ergonomic but in reality, they are not. It is a bit hefty task to search for a perfect chair that supports your body movement and suits your kind of work. Autonomous understands every requirement very clearly and have thus designed the best ergo chairs. However, some minimum requirements are there that must suit when you decide to buy an ergonomic chair either for your house or for office.

Few of them are given as under

  • Seat Height Adjustment: There is a position on a chair that one must keep which is expected to yield a healthy result for your body in the future. The seat height must be adjustable such that your knees are little lower than your hips with your feet resting on the floor. This is considered the best position to work on.
  • Seat Pan Adjustment (seat slider): This enables you to change the profundity of your seat with the goal that you have 1-4 distance between the front edge of your seat and the back of your knee to take into account both leg support and blood flow. It is very important for the uniform flow of blood in the body to each and every organ.
  • Backrest height adjustment: The capacity to change the stature of your seat back enables you to position the forms of the back pad for ideal back help. Directly connected to the spinal cord, it is very important for the smooth working of the nervous system. Neural problems are very common amongst people with such lifestyle hence; it must be an important factor while choosing an ergonomic chair.
  • Swivel Base: Gives the capacity to turn while you are seated anywhere. This is a common feature which can be easily seen even in the nonergonomic chair. However, you must ensure that a perfect ergonomic chair has a 360-degree ability to turn around.
  • Back Angle adjustment: This enables you to calibrate the back for an agreeable position. We prescribe you change positions for the duration of the day or leave the back point opened and shake forward and backward. The pelvic girdle and shoulder girdle find a great comfort when this angle is adjusted to a suitable point. Hence, it is an important part of the ergonomic chair.
  • Back tilt tension adjustment: The strain handle gives you a chance to alter the weight expected to shake back in your seat. In other words, you can adjust the tension knob as per your strain level which helps in easy leaning back when required. The rest position must be relaxing and give you a comfortable bent from the chair
  • Arm support adjustment: At least, seat arms ought to be tall and flexible. Ideally, the arms are movable as well as offer a rotate so you can put the arm cushions where they bolster you best while working on a keyboard. Arm support is also a distinguishing feature which can be found in an ergonomic chair. They must be of a proper adjustable height giving a full possible support.
  • Quality Casters: Regularly neglected, however, this is imperative, as your whole body weight is bolstered by a couple of casters when entering and leaving your seat. Less expensive casters break regularly. However, ergonomic chairs contain a perfect quality of caster that will not damage even if subjected to heavyweight. Ideally, this should never be neglected and checked for the standards while purchasing one.
  • Stable Wheel Base: There must be a minimum five-spoke caster base in order to support you in the best possible manner.
  • Lumbar support: The lumbar help should be flexible to put in the right position. Here and there this is refined by changing the seat back tallness. In a perfect world, the lumbar is freely stature flexible. On a few seats, the profundity, as well as weight of the lumbar help, is additionally customizable. It is an important criterion to give you a comfortable life on the back of the chair and it must be chosen carefully. Few of them do provide this support but the level of comfort is of a higher standard in the ergonomic chair.
  • Headrest adjustment: A headrest isn’t a necessity for an ergonomic seat, yet in the event that you have a headrest; it should be movable to fit you legitimately.
  • Encourages Posture Changes: You’ll be more agreeable over a long workday on the off chance that you change positions incidentally. Development enables increment to bloodstream and sharpness and averts profound vein thrombosis. This can be as straightforward as getting up and taking 5 minute smaller than normal breaks amid the day, however, shaking or changing your back point from time to time can likewise help.

With regards to seats, one size does not fit all. Ergonomic seats are frequently requested to a person’s determination, and enable an abnormal state of movability to help bolster the job that needs to be done. This frequently incorporates a wise component intended to empower greater development amid your working day, completely movable arms, situate tallness change and customizable or inflatable lumbar help.

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Maintaining standards

Ergonomists watch how individuals connect with their workplace and afterward work intimately with architects to make seating arrangements that fix basic working environment issues. An ergonomic seat considers these standards to enable you to fill in as viable and serenely as conceivably. An ergo chair from Autonomous are constructed in sync to the mentioned standards. Apart from ergo chair manufacturer, you can also choose Autonomous for buying several office furnitures like drafting chairs, reclining chairs, sit-stand desk accessories, metal cabinets etc.

At the point when setting up effectively, this implies the seat can really assist you with adopting and keep up a superior working stance, shield the client from agonizing stance related issues related with unfit seating and be more beneficial all through your working day.

Working in an office commonly includes investing a lot of energy sitting in an office seat – a position that adds worry to the structures in the spine. Subsequently, to abstain from creating or exacerbating back issues, it’s critical to have an office seat that is ergonomic and that backings the lower back and advances great stance.

Best ergonomic chairs

There are numerous kinds of ergonomic seats accessible for use in the workplace. Nobody kind of office seat is essentially the best, however, there are a few things that are vital to search for in a decent ergonomic office seat. These things will enable the individual client to influence the seat to function admirably for his or her particular needs. Chairs by Autonomous top the list.

On the off chance that there are anyone factors that you can change to make burning through eight hours every day in an office less demanding, it’s your seat. There is no lack of confirmation demonstrating that being stuck in a seat for a really long time can build the danger of cardiovascular ailment and compound back agony. Truth be told, sitting excessively is even called more regrettable than smoking. Numerous individuals who have office occupations create issues like deadness, spinal misalignment, joint agony, neck torment, and herniated circles — for the most part from sitting too long on a low-quality seat without help. While you most likely would prefer not to spend a great deal of cash on a seat, a brilliant ergonomic seat is an interest in your wellbeing, solace, and profitability.

Benefits of using ergo chairs at the workplace

In case you are working in a stressful environment and your work demands to seat for more than 6 hours, an ergo chair is not just a luxury but a necessity. This is because the majority of the office goers experience acute lower back pain and the main reason for being seating for long or seating in the wrong seat. If you are a caring boss, the wellbeing of your employees lies in your hand. Know the benefits of using ergonomic seats and choose from the wide variety offered by Autonomous.

  • Great support- Sitting in normal chairs tends to offer you an incorrect posture while seating. Such problems are taken into consideration by an ergonomic chair manufacturer and such chairs come with all the necessary features to correct your posture. The backrest and headrest too, support your posture when sitting in the office space. You can keep your feet straight on the floor by adjusting the seat height. This adjustment also helps to position your keen at a perfect 90-degree angle with the floor.
  • Maximum comfort- An ergo chair in undoubtedly user-friendly. This makes them way more comfortable compared to traditional seats. These chairs allow you to adjust every feature as per your individual fit. You can keep adjusting until you are at ease. Autonomous understands your needs better than anyone else and produces some of the premium quality ergonomic chairs.
  • An end to neck problem- Sitting in a chair for long without any neck support might lead to developing stiffness in the shoulder and neck region. Such problem if left untreated for long, leads to serious ailments like cervical spondylosis. Ergonomic chairs cancel out such chances. This is because such chairs come with a headrest that offers you the best support when you want to relax your head and neck. This feature is suited for people working at call centers and needs to answer phone calls continuously.
  • No more back pain- The natural curve of your spine is well supported by the ergonomic chairs crafted by Autonomous. In fact, these chairs are capable of supporting your entire back portion. You can even rest positioning your body at an angle bigger than 90 degrees. This is possible as ergonomic chairs come with reclining features.
  • Reduced pressure on the hip- Traditional chairs tend to have a harder surface when compared to an ergo chair. So, while sitting, the hard seat tends to exert excess pressure on the hip. Ergonomic chairs come with seat depth that measures 2-4 inch when calculated from the back portion of the knees. This lends great support to the buttocks and hips.
  • Working made easy- The features of an ergonomic chair are suitable enough to offer full support to several exercises that need to be performed while seating at your workstation. An ergo chair comes with a swivel technology that helps you to move around freely without even getting up from your chair. You also do not need to stretch or broaden.


All the respective features mentioned above are present in chairs handcrafted by Autonomous. So, now that you have formed a clear idea about ergonomic chairs and known all its unique features, it’s time to purchase one. Numerous online, as well as offline platforms, are there that are perfect to buy one without making a hole in the pocket.  However, seating in an ergonomic chair is not the only solution to your lower back or neck problems. Yet, they are certainly one respite to consider. Besides using an ergonomic you should also be aware of the proper sitting posture and practice the same to maintain a sound body.

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