Why Responsive Design Is Important For A Website

With the easy availability of internet on multiple devices, the basic website requirements have changed. Earlier, people used to access websites on single-sized computer screens, so developers optimized them according to that screen. But as technology has developed in the last two decades, now these websites can be accessed through a variety of devices. Which bought in the demand for responsive website design. This website design allows the website to optimize itself according to the device it is opened on.

So when someone opens the website from a 13” laptop, it will fit into that screen and at the same time when someone opens it from a 5” mobile, it will fit into that screen too. And the person will not have to zoom in and out to look at the website properly. This simply improves the accessibility of the website and makes it more user-friendly. If someone finds this concept alien but still wants to implement it on their website, they can easily opt for a responsive web template. And if they have just started building up their website.

Here are the reasons why one should consider responsive design over all the other designs for their website.

Better User Experience

A website’s sole purpose is to benefit the users in some way or the other. So the developers should make sure that they provide the best experience to their users. And no user wants to visit a website that can only be accessed from a single type of devices. With responsive web design, users can access the website from anywhere and any device. This creates a better experience for them and they tend to visit the website more often. Which creates more traffic for it and ultimately benefits the business.

Easy Management

Businesses usually make different websites for different devices. This increases their efforts for developing and maintaining the websites. By using a responsive design for their website, they can easily operate all the devices with a single website. This benefits them in two ways:

Cost-saving: As developing and maintaining a website is not cheap, so increasing the number of websites will only add up the cost. By having a single website, the business can cut on the costs and put them to better use.

Flexibility: Regular updates and improvements can be easily made on responsive design. As there is a single website to perform the changes on, so it does not require much effort.

SEO Perspective

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques play an important role in the design of a website. With time, the search engine ranking algorithms have changed drastically. Now they notice a lot of things about a website, like the backlinks to it or its accessibility from various devices. As these engines want to provide their users with the best results, so they try to find the most appropriate and most user-friendly website for them. In this, responsive design can be considered as a crucial aspect as it makes the website highly user-friendly. Hence, helps in getting a better rank on the search engine.

So while building a website for their business, one must implement the responsive design and make the website more useful and friendly for the users.

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