Yoga Tips for Beginners

Most people decide to practice yoga without having a clear idea of what this might involve. Yoga is only a generic term used in order to describe a set of spiritual, physical and mental practices originating in prehistoric India. Because of its complexity, not a lot of people manage to stay faithful to this type of practice. Fortunately, there are a lot of various tips that beginners can follow in order to benefit from the advantages of yoga for a long time.

One of the most useful tips for beginners is to try and keep a sort of practice journal. Professional yoga lessons come with numerous insights and comments that can be useful later on. In order not to be forgotten, these deserve being written down in a journal, as afterward, they can improve the yoga practice and also the way this practice makes people feel and see themselves. The insights that some people happen to come upon while practicing yoga also need to be written down. Yoga related terms, a list of postures and insightful questions can be written down, as they can come in handy during further yoga sessions.

In order to remember the essential things about certain more difficult poses, beginners can draw stick figures in their journals. This way, the information can be easily summarized and remembered later on. Important cues and arrows can help the drawing be more accurate. Short sequences, called Vinyasas, can be created with the help of small figures. These can also prove to be very useful in the future.

In case the yoga sessions take place at home, it is a good idea for these to always be practiced in the same place. This can create a certain memory in one’s mind able to make it easier for the yoga sessions to begin. Props should be stored nearby. In addition, in order to mark the place of yoga practicing as being a special one, inspiring images or objects such as Oriental ones or special cushions are recommended to surround the room.

As far as the routine itself is concerned, this must necessarily be defined from the start. This routine depends on the practitioners only. These people must define the time they have available for yoga practicing, the technique they want to focus on and most importantly the balance between asana practices, meditation, and breathing techniques. All beginners must have a clear vision of their practice and of the methods they are using. All the aspects of the asana must intrigue them and they also should have definite steps in the meditation and relaxation methods as they are learning them.

The acquisition of a sticky mat can easily be underrated, although it should not. Even if this does not seem important, there really is a difference between practicing yoga on a regular mat and on a sticky one, especially when it comes to spread-legged postures.

Another important aspect that yoga beginners must take into consideration is balancing yoga postures with meditation and relaxation. Yoga practitioners must necessarily relax while practicing it, as this can make them feel better. The meditation experience is also important, as it can definitely transform a person. Even though some might be more attracted to the physical part of yoga, meditation and relaxation should not be ignored. Working with the mind or with the body alone cannot be enough when it comes to creating equilibrium and inner strength. Therefore, a balanced combination of the two is what will create in the end the sense of overall safety and health.

Another useful tip for yoga beginners is to try and create a CD or a book library focused on yoga. These can prove to be great sources of information that can help beginners choose the type of yoga they want to practice, depending on their goals. For starters, the Bhagavad Gita, the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, the Ayurveda introduction, a yoga philosophy book, an anatomy book and a meditation one should be enough. More books, videos, and CDs can be added later on.

Beginners should also understand that mastering yoga takes practice. They should learn how to let certain practices and poses do their work, while they just relax. Last, but not least, they should learn to go to bed when it is time. Bedtime should happen at a reasonable hour. However, sudden changes are not recommended, so everything must be done at a slow pace in order for the final result to be the desired one.

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