Practicing Yoga at Home – Demystifying Practicing Myths

There are numerous reasons for which practicing yoga at home can be the right decision. Unlike doing yoga in an especially created place, practicing yoga at home can offer you more freedom. From having the liberty to practice whatever poses you want to learning to explore your own self and listen to your intuition, home yoga can be great, as long as it is practiced in a right way. Unfortunately, there are numerous myths connected to practicing yoga at home that prevent yoga passionate from doing this. However, almost none of these myths are true. There are a lot of people who continue to consistently practice yoga at home and enjoy their asana together with the daily newspaper, a fresh coffee or even a good conversation. Therefore, practicing yoga at home is not as challenging as some think, reason for which this kind of practice can be successfully tried.

One of the myths related to home yoga practice is the one according to which you necessarily have to find the right time and place to do yoga, which is absolutely wrong. If you always wait for the perfect moment in order to do this, you might end up not doing it after all. The truth is that yoga can be practiced at home although there will surely be interruptions from the part of your family members, your pets, your phone, and so on. Although there will be surprises, this does not mean that you will not fulfill your purpose with yoga. Yoga means finding a balance between your mind, body and spirit. Relaxing asana sessions can be fulfilled in a positive environment, so as long as you feel at peace in your own home, you will be able to achieve your purpose. In fact, the interruptions of your home practice can be helpful for coping with your life’s disruptions.

A second myth is that yoga must necessarily be practiced in a place dedicated to it, which is not true. Although your yoga mat might be surrounded by the so-called chaos of a full house, this cannot affect your asana and the balance you are trying to reach. As long as you place your energy into what you think really matters, you will manage to find your equilibrium and succeed in your practice. Breathing and moving in the right way are much more important than the surroundings of your practice.

The idea according to which you must practice for a long period of time a day in order to reach your balance is also false. Sometimes a quick session of only ten minutes can be the thing you need. Stretching your hamstrings and taking deep breaths can prove to be the thing that misses from shifting the course of your day.

Another myth that must be elucidated is that according to which you necessarily need a professional yoga teacher and also the information of how a yoga class should be sequenced in order to have a successful practice of your own. The truth is that you might know a lot of things about sequencing for nothing. Some people find yoga to be more relaxing if they get to experiment more about it. If you try this, you can discover what is best for you and therefore find your equilibrium and fulfill your needs faster. Home practicing allows you to break some rules and to do just the poses that feel good to you. Depending on the moment when you are practicing yoga, different poses might lead to different states of mind. Therefore, exploring and not sticking to the rules is not necessarily a bad thing.

The idea according to which at-home sessions must be done first thing in the morning is also completely untrue. If you are a morning person who has the time to practice only at that particular time of day, this is completely fine. However, if you prefer to work in the morning, the yoga practice can be successfully left for the evening time. If you practice yoga before going to bed you can sleep better, as yoga relaxes you. Although the intensity level of your session might be affected by what you do during the day, as long as you are pragmatic when it comes to your schedule, evening practicing can be exactly what you need.

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