Yoga and Weight Loss

By practicing yoga you can surely find your bliss. However, some say that yoga sessions might also come in handy when it comes to losing some extra pounds. Reports have it that amazing looking celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and Christy Turlington owe their good looks not only to healthy food, but also to yoga sessions. In addition, there are also numerous athletes who stated that yoga really improves their game and not only the way they look. Therefore, if you are struggling with losing weight, your answer could lay in practicing yoga, as this sophisticated body and mind exercise can not only change the way you see life and yourself, but also tighten your body.

Although yoga sessions cannot be compared to aerobic exercises, they can still work when it comes to burning calories. Nonetheless, it can do it more slowly, as this is a no-strain type of exercise that allows you to work just as much as you can and at your own pace. Its effects on burning extra fat though have been experienced by various practitioners. It is a well-known fact that yoga creates a special connection between the practitioners and their bodies. This is the main explanation for it being able to help people lose weight. While tough physical exercises usually determine people to give up before reaching their objective of losing weight and of becoming fit because of the fact that they are too difficult, yoga sessions are meant to relax your body and your mind. It allows you to use your own mantra, it puts you in touch with your senses and therefore it helps you lose those extra pounds you want off in a different way than cardio or fitness does, even if it does it slower.

There have been numerous studies on the ways that yoga can help people lose weight. These started in the year 2005 when the famous practicing yoga and medical researcher Alan Kristal decided to perform a medical study analyzing the effects yoga had on people wanting to lose weight. The trial involved no less than 15,000 people, all healthy and yoga practitioners. Those involved had to fill out a survey meant to bring out their physical activity, but also their weight from an exact period of time. After analyzing the gathered data from all the people involved and also after taking into consideration the factors that might have influenced weight fluctuations, like exercising and dieting, the result was that yoga could really help people lose weight or in any case, stop them from gaining more extra fat. Although a scientific explanation for this could not be found, all yoga specialists believe that yoga’s effects are subtle but true, and that these are related to the connection that yoga makes between mind, body and spirit. The fact is that yoga makes practitioners inclined to change. Therefore, if you think that you really want to change the way you are living, your thoughts about food and eating, and about how you want to get beyond your own negative eating patterns, yoga can determine you to find the spiritual connection between your mind and your body, which in turn will help you change whatever you want to be changed. Moreover, yoga is able to teach you that you must not fight with your body and that this is not like an enemy you have to defeat. Becoming aware of this can also help you lose extra weight without you even realizing it.

As all bodies are different, there are some tips you can follow in order to make yoga work for your body. First of all, you should begin your practice of yoga for weight loss in a room that does not have any mirrors. This will help you emphasize your internal experience and not your look. The second thing you should take into consideration is to learn how to experience the movement sensation down to the very last movement. You must also try and find your so-called edge. This must not be an overwhelming place for your body, but a challenging one. When you get tired, you must not forget to rest. In addition, you have to always combine positive thinking and maybe even self-talk to yoga practice. You should learn to praise your effort and appreciate it. Last, but not least, you should be faithful that you can do it. Keeping a positive attitude can help you develop precious qualities such as gratitude, patience, kindness, discipline and wisdom. In the end, all of your efforts will inspire you and help you fulfill your purpose.

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