10 Natural Stone Blogs That Will Keep You Up To Date

If you buy a new house or renovate an old one, you’ll probably research the material and quality of the product you’d like to buy. But a proper search and finding the right blog or website for your required product is very difficult if there are more than a million blogs online regarding your searched product. It is really hard to choose the best one for your requirements.

That’s the only reason we’ve made a list of the best 10 natural stone blogs that will help you in making your decision when buying any stone product for your home or commercial property.

Today, whether it’s stone, marble or granite, normal people like us don’t have much knowledge about these products. That is why many people are being cheated by companies into buying overpriced, lower quality and unreliable products for our table kitchen countertops and floor.

Following these blogs won’t make you an expert immediately, but the next time you make a purchase, you’ll be much more knowledgeable about making the right decision of buying the right product.

  1. Stone Wholesalers

When it comes to offering professional unbiased advice, Stone Wholesalers is the best online blog available to provide you with the best research possible.  Stone Wholesaler’s blog provides top quality information relating to stone products including marble, granite, limestone bluestone, countertops, outdoor tiles and pavers. Their blog provides the best advice and will help you learn a lot about all types of stone products.

Stone Wholesalers only give honest and solid advice on all types of stone and material selection. Their mission is to provide the best content and information for their customers. However, Stone Wholesalers has an excellent blog on natural Stone and all types of stone products.

  1. Aussietecture

Aussietecture has a wide collection of natural stone materials sufficient to cover all your needs. As a leading wholesaler of natural stone, they are enthusiastic about advising clients on different styles of tiles and natural stones, and providing guidance on renovation. And, if you’re searching for natural stone blogs this is the first one we’d recommend.

  1. CDK Stone

CDK Stone has been supplying top quality, luxury natural stone and stone products for over 35 years in Australia. Their wide range includes Natural Stone, Tools & Supplies, Stone Maintenance and Stone Work Machinery. When it comes to finding the right natural stone and how it can be used for residential and commercial interior design, architectural or landscaping ventures, CDK Stone’s blog has it all. It features specialist tips and advice on everything from matching slate roofing tiles to building outdoor pools and ponds. CDK Stone’s blog covers all the natural stone topics you are searching for online, to make your next purchase.

  1. StoneSet

StoneSet has a passion for stone care and has been serving the natural stone industry for many years. They are experts in the stone industry and have won many awards for the best business of the year. When it comes to stone advice StoneSet will provide you with great information on all types of stone products.

They are the proud members of Master Builders Australia.  StoneSet is dedicated to working with public departments, developers and architects to develop safe and affordable flooring for public areas, schools, hospitals and other businesses.

  1. Marble Matters

Marble Matters has such a vast selection of exclusive natural stones to cater to all your stone needs. Picking your stone is therefore only the first step of your selection process because you also have to identify which stone finish is best for your project.

Every finish gives the stone a distinctive look with a unique character and design. It is therefore important to know the difference between the different types of stones.

  1. Australian Slate and Stone

Australian Slate and Stone is a traditional family-owned business offering consistency, affordability and unrivaled service to the stone industry for many years Australian Slate & Stone offers premium slate, stone, tiles and more at attractive prices.

In Sydney, they stock the best selection of imported and local sandstone, limestone, granite, marble and stone materials. When you think about quality and style Australian Slate & Stone are the company to go for. They will provide you with great advice on all types of stone products.

  1. Quality Stone

Quality Stone was founded in 1999 and has been supplying Australians with granite and marble products. They are one of the few businesses in Australia that source stone for benchtops from all over the world.

Quality Stone’s directors have been working in the stone business for over 60 years. Their employers have considerable industry experience and they promote the future of their profession through an apprenticeship program that has seen their apprentices win many awards including the year’s TAFE apprentice of the year (Stonemasonry) and the prestigious Queensland Mason’s Award.

  1. Sareen Stone

Sareen Stone is a leading supplier of natural stone for modern residential and commercial developments in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Their natural stones are imported directly from Italy, Turkey, Egypt, India, Portugal, Spain, Greece, China and Indonesia, and are carefully selected to satisfy the highest standards. You should follow Sareen Stone to gain a wide array of knowledge about natural stone products.

  1. Euro Marble

This is one blog that everyone should follow for good advice on all your stone products. They are in the stone business for 30 years. Euro Marble supplies a variety of limestone, marble, stone products and services to residential and commercial sectors. They are well-recognized as leaders in their field, and their success has been built on recommendations and customer loyalty.

  1. Marble & Ceramic Corp

Marble & Ceramic Corp was established in 2003 and soon became Australia’s number one provider of top quality Natural Stone Tiles. They carry only the best quality of natural stone and have one of the widest range of products to satisfy both style and budget. They have a very informative blog that will offer you a lot of information on natural stone and stone products. Their warehouses store thousands of square meters of natural stone (Travertine Tiles, Marble Tiles, Granite Tiles and Stone Pavers) ready for immediate distribution.

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