10 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Outdoor Party

An outdoor party is a great way to celebrate someone’s graduation, birthday, or promotion. While the weather is still nice out, get together some family and friends to enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors.

Whether you are planning a small barbeque or a large block party. here are ten items you should consider for your outdoor party to be a great success.

  1. Music

Pipe some soft piano music onto the patio if you have invited a few couples over for outdoor cocktails and tapas.

Or hire a band to get the party going if you are having a big bash!

Just make sure you have adequate electrical outlets and space for your musical guests, whether they are a rock band or a DJ. You may also need to check local ordinances about how late and how loud the music can play.

  1. Drinks

No backyard party is complete without a variety of libations.  You may even develop a special cocktail for the occasion named after the guest of honor.

Don’t forget that some people will be driving, and others may not drink alcohol at all. Make sure you have iced tea, soda, or bottled water available for those who do not imbibe.

Juice boxes are best for kiddies!

  1. Food

The sky is the limit with food at an outdoor party. If you have a budget, you might even hire a caterer so someone else can be in charge of cooking, serving, and clean up.

You may prefer to go more casual, and fire up the grill for chicken and burgers served on paper plates with plenty of condiments and potato salad.

Choose food that is easy to eat by hand. People like small tidbits they can just pop in their mouths when they are socializing with a drink in one hand.

Stay away from food that spoils easily like egg salad or fish. You don’t want the aroma of spoiled food to ruin the atmosphere!

  1. Staff

If you are planning a big shindig, why not hire some local teenagers to help with clean up, passing hors d’oeuvres, and pouring drinks?

If you are going for a more formal affair, a caterer can supply professionally trained and attired staff to wait on your guests.

Clean up assistance is worth every penny. After a big night out under the stars with fifty of your closest friends, the last thing you want to worry about will be taking out the garbage.

  1. Flooring

If you are planning a wedding or other formal occasion in the backyard, think about what will be underfoot. Many ladies in fancy shoes will not want to sink into the grass. Dancing on the lawn can result in twisted ankles as well

Unless you have a patio that is paved, you may want to arrange for special temporary flooring so your friends’ feet do not trample the soil. You can get a dance floor installed that can be removed the next day, or a temporary runner for a bride to come gracefully down the aisle.

  1. Rest Rooms

If you are hosting a big party in your backyard, you certainly do not want guests to go trooping through your living room in search of a bathroom. No one wants strangers traipsing through their home, rooting around in their medicine cabinets, and making a mess of things.

Consider hiring a portable toilet for events that will be held outside. It keeps your private space private and is great for big crowds who may be doing a lot of drinking.

  1. Parking

If you are throwing a big bash, another consideration is parking. Your neighbors may not appreciate cars taking up the entire block, with fenders sticking in their driveway.

Hiring valets for parking will alleviate overcrowding on your street. You can arrange for them to park cars at a nearby lot. This will let people drive up to the door and come right in, a special touch for occasions like weddings where people do not want to be schlepping down the street in their formal clothes.

  1. Lighting

Lighting can make or break an outdoor party. Subtle lighting is nice, so long as people can see their food.

If you are having speeches, toasts, or a presentation or ceremony, you may want spotlights. If you want a more romantic vibe, you may go for fairy lights or electric votives on tables.

Make sure that stairs and other hazards are well lit so no one trips and falls.

  1. Protection from Weather

While a cocktail party outside on a cool autumn night can be delightful, an event will lose a lot of its luster when the storm clouds open. Make sure you always set a rain date for outdoor parties!

For weddings and other occasions where you must establish a firm date, think about a tent to protect your guests from any inclement weather.

Depending on what time of year you throw your party, you may also opt for fans or portable air conditioning to keep people cool. You can also rent outdoor heaters or fire pits to keep people warm if the temperature drops when the sun does down.

  1. Citronella

Another hazard of outdoor entertaining is bugs! Sweet drinks may attract mosquitos, and food may also prove irresistible to lots of other little creatures who were not invited.

Keep citronella candles handy for dusk when the bugs come out. You can also get charming tiki torches that repel insects. An electric Bug Zapper can be a party amusement all on its own!

Have an Outdoor Party: Kick Up Your Heels!

Hosting an outdoor party is a perfect way to end the summer, gather with loved ones, or celebrate a special occasion. Whether you go formal or casual, getting together under the stars is a hospitable and heartwarming way to socialize.

For more tips on entertaining in style indoors and out, keep checking back.

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