4 Facts About Herbs That You May Want To Know

Herbs are plants that contain many benefits ranging from aromatics, fragrances, medicines, vegetables and many other purposes. Before the synthetic medicine industry came into being, herbs were massively used for multiple purposes, with conditions related to body and mind.

Why did people use herbs? This natural, organic way to heal was believed by many around the world and still in some areas people use herbs to cure diseases. For example, in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar, the use of a herb called kratom is insanely famous. White Riau Kratom is a natural herb that contains many biological compounds and alkaloids that not only help with bodily issues but maintain the proper functioning of different organs of the body. It works with mood enhancement and is also an immunity booster.

Even though herbs are themselves a whole world to explore into, but there are some facts about herbs that make them more wanted than synthetic products in the market.

  • Herbs are used in foods

With that distinctive smell of herbs, most of them are used in foods and culinary recipes. At times, many of them are used for garnishing but if available with the proper concentration, herbs can be used in recipes as well.

Not only that, herbal teas are immensely famous for beverage lovers. It makes great tea which is soothing for the body and mind and also beneficial health wise. Herbal teas are made from aromatic herbs and do not contain milk. Chamomile tea and green tea can also be the best options for herbal teas. It is also rumored that with the increasing health risk, people might stop taking coffee and make herbal teas a part of the new trends.

  • Herbs can also be used as relaxants

What’s better than a natural relaxant and that too without any side effects? Herbs contain relaxing properties that deal with the nerves to calm them down. Herbs contain essential oils that can prove to be highly effective with muscle pains as well as general anxiety or tensions.

There are different methods of incorporating herbs as relaxants. A number of companies have started selling herbal soaps and bath bombs which can be used while taking a shower and just the mere smell of those soaps takes you to paradise. Herbs can be added to candles and also into bottles in a more diluted form.

  • You can grow herbs at home

You heard that right. Even though some herbs might seem to be off-limit for home growth but most of them are really easy to grow with their seeds readily available. All you need is good soil, water and good quality seeds.

Interestingly, if you grow herbs at home that can be used in foods, your food becomes more healthier because you have a clear idea of authentic ingredients going in them.

It also makes the food taste better because the products are fresh. Some of the herbs that can grow at home are rosemary, thyme, coriander, basil, dil, mint, parsley etc.

  • Herbs for memory and energy

There are some herbs that are renowned for their benefits on the body and mind. These herbs contain properties that improve the connection of nerves and act as an energy boosters. Along with containing antioxidants that curb inflammation, herbs also improve memory and prevent diseases like Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

Some herbs are known for their mood elevator property. Parsley can be a good example of a herb that acts as a mood elevator.

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