Tech Guide: Blocking A Number On Different Smartphones

When you are in your relaxation period, it’s sometimes annoying that there are unknown callers, spamming phone calls, scammers, telemarketers, or creepy people who keep on calling your mobile phone at random moments. If you don’t recognize the number of that person who’s spam calling you or you want someone out of your life, then there are many methods to block their contact numbers.

This article will help you know some of the techniques so that you can apply it as soon as possible. Some methods are tricky, but most of them are easy to follow. Aside from this guide, there are also more ways on how to block a number. With that, here’s how you can block a number on different smartphones.


If you want to block a specific number on your Samsung device, then there are a couple of ways to do that. If users wish to place the phone number that they need to block, proceed to the Phone app, then pick the icon for overflow. “Choose Settings > Blocked Numbers” and start typing that number you need to block. Users can also place some caller IDs in the blocked items by going to the settings and turn on the “Block Unknown Callers” settings.

The second process is preventing calls from the list of recent calls. “Select Phone > Recents.” Pick the number need for blocking and choose the icon for overflow again. Tap “Block Number.”


Mobile devices from Huawei can block numbers in two different methods. If users want to block some specific numbers, they need to select Phone and pick the icon for Contacts. Select the contact number you need for blocking, and tap more in the lower area of your screen. Select “Add To Blacklist.”

The second process of blocking some numbers or a caller ID is by your “Phone Manager” settings. If you need to block a person using this way, select “Phone Manage > Blocked.” In the top right corner of your screen, choose the icon for gear and press “Numbers Blacklist > Add.”


The method for blocking numbers for smartphone users of HTC is almost similar to the technique of other smartphones with Android OS. If you need to block a number on your device from HTC, you need to go to its Phone app and proceed to the tab of Call History. Long-press the name of the contact that you need for blocking and select “Block Caller” or “Block Contact.” If users want to see the recently blocked number, they only need to press the icon for overflow in their Phone app settings.


An L.G device is among the more accessible methods for blocking a person than some smartphones with the Android operating system. To prevent a contact, launch Phone app settings and select the tab for Call Logs. Pick the numbers that you need for blocking and choose the icon for Overflow in the top right part of your screen. Choose “Block Number” from your menu.

If users want to view the blocked numbers recently, go to Phone app settings and select the tab for Call Logs. Pick the icon for Overflow and choose “Call Blocking & Decline With Message > Blocked Numbers.”


Now that you know how to block numbers using different smartphone brands, you can now start blocking some annoying and creepy callers that keep on reaching out to you. There are times that we want people to stop contacting us, but you don’t know how to do it, now, you can easily prevent them from calling you by blocking their numbers. It’s much more comfortable than changing your mobile number. With that, you can now relax and stop worrying about some annoying people.

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