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3 main reasons for working with YouTube in the field of podcasting

Various opinions are widely known about whether it’s convenient to create YouTube podcasts. Most do not have enough time or other resources to create native content for their YouTube channel. Some worry that YouTube content can be downloaded and used offline. But we are here to explain and convince you that it is really worth it. Thus, below are three main reasons why you need to work with YouTube to create and promote your podcasts.

1. YouTube contains a huge target audience

Today, about 2 billion people visit YouTube every month. Perhaps you were sure that most people are on Instagram. Whatever the case, there are only 700 million users. Or did you think that Twitter ranks first in terms of audience? And our answer is “no” again! Some kind of “poor” 329 million people. Obviously, in any social network you will find your new listeners and followers. But let’s face the truth: where do we usually go fishing? The answer is obvious: where there’s a lot of fish.

2. Our future is present YouTube

Users of a certain age category at the moment do not even remember the time when the word “Google” turned into a verb form. This word is now an integral part of our daily vocabulary. If we need to find some information or an answer to a particular question, we just ”Google it”. The latest information in the field of modern research indicates that the “YouTube it” era is already developing in full. A huge number of people first of all in a data search turn to YouTube. An extraordinary thing can be seen in the interaction between the average experience of podcasting and YouTube. The path of a user who searches for specific content to find your podcast and become a follower is very similar to using YouTube. Thus, the transition to YouTube is becoming an obvious step.

3. YouTube is Google’s “favorite”

Almost 14 years ago (2006) YouTube was bought by Google at a price of $ 1.65 billion. Since that time, Google has an infinite number of reasons for falling in love with YouTube. More precisely, it is not an infinite number. The exact figure is known – 100 billion. According to certain estimates, today the price of YouTube is $ 100 billion.

Every owner of a personal blog, website or podcast understands the importance of SEO, whether he knows what it is or not. To describe the work of YouTube with absolute Google SEO compliance, we will need to write the whole article (which we are going to do very soon). Do an arbitrary search on the Google line, and you will see only 1-2 links and a whole collection of videos from YouTube. Google in every possible way directs its users to the YouTube platform (and this is almost all the people of the earth).

You probably still doubt after looking through the facts above. Surely you still think that you can get a large audience with just audio podcasting. On the one hand, it is right, because there are 74 million regular podcast listeners every month. All in all, it’s not bad. However, it is very important to understand what YouTube is and what it will be next. It is an area where nearly 2 billion people constantly subscribe and monitor content. This is an area where Google constantly transfers users. An area that is obviously capable of overshadowing Google as the main search engine.

Imagine that you could turn back the clock to create a web presence that works with the benefits of Google’s SEO. Imagine the time when a podcast, blog, or website use SEO to increase their views and subscriptions. Perhaps YouTube is no longer something new, but its potential has not been fully developed yet. Those people who are able to realize such an opportunity and use it, get real potential which will only grow over time.

Further actions

We sincerely believe that after reading up to this point, you understood and realized the full scale and power of YouTube. The question is: what to do next? We offer such an option. Initially create your YouTube channel. Then start working on creating native content that will be useful and interesting to your audience. Our goal is to make podcast creation easy. For this reason, we intend to continue talking about the most modern and best ways to create content on YouTube. If you have a desire to chat with our team, we will be happy to know about your opinions

Steve Max
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