Some Of Hidden Features Of WhatsApp in 2017

Do you still don’t aware some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp mobile app for the smartphones? Let us help you in exploring one of the most usable mobile apps on this planet Earth. Everyone is well aware of the fact that the WhatsApp is used for sending free text messages, image, media, audio and video calls. Free in a sense that you will only be charged for the internet volume if you are using over wifi that’s good to go. The WhatsApp mobile app has become the necessity of everyone to get in touch with friends and family, it lets you keep tracks of the conversation with time stamps and has the ability to let you know either your message has been read or not.

Some Of The Hidden Features Of  The WhatsApp

The WhatsApp has some hidden features that can make your chatting/conversation experience more exciting and enjoyable. Have a look at the following to see hidden features of the WhatsApp:

Some of the hidden features of the Whatsapp
Some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp

Yes, you can also add stylish text to your conversation, now the question is, How can we do it? Well, the answer is explained below.

Bold Font Or Text In The WhatsApp

Wondering how to make some of the fonts in the text in bold to emphasize what are you trying to express in written conversation. It’s pretty simple you don’t have to install any extra keyboard or app for that you just need to type only two extra letters at the start and at the end of the part of the text you want to get bold or emphasize.

For example, *HI* will send the text “HI” in such format “HI“. You guessed it right to make the font bold just need to at the asterisk sign at the before and at the end of the text. *This text will be shown as bold*. Go ahead and try this now on your smartphone.

Italic Font Or Text In The WhatsApp

Using the same pattern as explained above we can achieve an italic styled text in the WhatsApp mobile app. But to get the italic font style what extra letters you have to type at the before and at the end. For this, try making a sandwich in between two under scroll special character.

For example, _Hello_ will show the output like “Hello“. _This text will be italic in style_. Give it a try now by sending italic texts to friends.

Strikethrough Font Or Text In The WhatsApp

Try making the text strikethrough by enveloping the text in between atmark sign (~).  Just put ~ at the start and at the end of the text you want to have a strikethrough.

For example, ~howday~ will show the output like “Howday“. Now you have learned how to make your friend and family amazed by these cool tricks of the WhatsApp mobile app for the smartphones. It’s not over yet there are more to come keep scrolling and reading.

Pointing One Person In The Group Chat

Some of the hidden features of the Whatsapp
Some of the hidden features of the WhatsApp

The most annoying part in the group chat of the WhatsApp is when more than 2 friends are sending texts and you don’t know how to reply all. But by this super cool feature,  you can simply answer everyone by their name. Yes, just type ‘@’ sign and it will show all the members of the group now you just have to tap on the member you want to address and then type your message and send it. Bingo!! your text message will tag the person you are addressing. What are you waiting for? Try it now in your any of the group chats.

There is another way to reply or address someone, just press and hold the message you want to reply. A menu will popup, there just tap on the reply and type your message. When you will send it, it will include the original message as well which is basically being replied. Just give it a try and share your feedback in the comments.

Offline Mode In IOS

In the latest IOS version of the WhatsApp 2.17.4, they have introduced the feature which is already provided on android phones. Now IOS users can also send messages in the offline mode it will be qued up and will be sent once the WhatsApp will be connected to the internet. This is really a good update by the WhatsApp to give IOS users a relief. It makes IOS users feel like they can now use WhatAapp for free because now they don’t have to wait for an active internet connection on their smartphone to send messages through the WhatsApp. Now they just ready the message and send it, as it will be sent automatically once is it online.

Sending More Than 10 Images

In the latest update, the WhatsApp has given the ability to send more than 10 images in a go. Yes, you read it right now you can send select and send up to 30 images in one go on the WhatsApp mobile app for the smartphones. It was a hectic work to send more than 1o images by selecting and remembering which one has already been sent and should not be selected in the next circle.

Have you not checked it yet? Go ahead and check it now by selecting and sending the bundle of images containing more than 10 images.

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