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The year 2016 has seen the release of exceptional smartphones and other mobile devices in the market. Just as the smartphone market has increased, mobile app design and development companies have ventured into the market to come up with exceptional apps for using on different smartphones. Smartphone users can install as many apps on their phones as they see fit. As a result, for most people, their whole lives revolve around their phones. There are mobile apps for everything. For instance, sports updates, games, health advice, banking, etc. One notable mobile app design and development companies is WeezLabs, which is a company that’s dedicated to providing smartphone users with exceptional apps for their devices. Below are some of the niches where mobile apps are used, their usage, and different mobile apps for each niche.

Internet Browsing

Thanks to the internet browsing capability on mobile devices and smartphones, users have now kept their laptops and pcs at a far distance. Thanks to the different smartphone apps in the market, you can use your TCl Mobile and other smartphones to browse the internet. Some of the apps you can use to browse the internet include Opera Mobile, Skyfire, Safari, Google Android, Firefox Mobile, Bolt, Blazer, etc.

The ability of smartphones to support internet browsing will make your life convenient in many ways. Because of these apps, you’ll be able to answer and create e-mails, browse through countless online platforms, and make video chats with distant friends and family. As long as these apps are downloaded on your smartphone, you won’t have to use a laptop or computer ever again just to browse the internet.


Every once in a while you need to relax, play a game, and enjoy using your smartphone. There are games of all kinds of race cars, basketball, soccer, etc. When it comes to games to be downloaded in your smartphone, you’ll never run out of options. Regardless of how weird your preferences are, there are always games that’ll suit you. What’s more, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to download these games for free!

Mobile app development firms are at the forefront of providing game apps for all smartphone users. Some of the enjoyed smartphone apps for kids include angry birds, infinity blades, cut the rope, flight control, temple run, deadspace, etc.

Health Information Apps

Users can now enjoy health updates and notifications on their phones. Apps such as Brrd Brawl App were designed to help teens quit smoking and practice healthy habits. Other notable smartphone apps in the market related to the health niche include 52 Weeks for Women’s Health, BMI Calculator, CDC health e-cards, etc. Thanks to these apps, users can now enjoy receiving the latest updates on any important information regarding their health.

Fitness Apps

Taking care of one’s health is vital, but not everyone knows how to do it. If you’re one of them, you don’t need to worry because there are apps that can make this process easier for you.

Today, you can easily download apps that can provide tips on how you can lose weight and track your eating habits. Some fitness apps will even count the steps you make every single day and provide suggestions on whether your physical activities are enough to maintain your health. As long as it’s used properly and regularly, these apps can become your ticket to achieve your fitness goals!

Social Media Apps

A social media app is definitely something that you should not miss on your phone. Smartphone users can now enjoy different social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, etc. There are also some apps that allow users to visit all these social media platforms on one app. Users can now download these apps to visit their social profiles and interact with their friends.

Social media apps are the most commonly downloaded apps today. With the features of these apps, there’s no wonder why. Social media apps allow you to send and receive messages and pictures. It’ll also allow you to communicate with thousands of people from different parts of the globe. Social media apps are essential for businesses, too, as these enable them to reach more customers so they can easily sell products and services.

News Updates

Thanks to different smartphone apps available in the market, users can now enjoy regular updates from reputable news stations such as CNN or BBC. WeezLabs, a leading mobile app designer, has guaranteed that you don’t have to watch the news on Television, listen to the radio, or watch YouTube links just to be updated on what’s happening in the world.

You can receive all these updates on your smartphone by downloading the recommended apps. Even better, you can save all the money you initially used on tabloid magazines by downloading gossip apps that update you on what your favorite celebs have been doing. You can also set a specific schedule in these apps so you can decide when these news alerts will be sent to your smartphone.

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