How to Use YouTube-To-Mp3 Convertor to Download a YouTube Video?

YouTube is a social video sharing and streaming platform with hundreds of thousands of content creators putting out new videos every day. A wide range of videos is uploaded on this platform every hour, from educational videos to DIY videos, short films, vlogs, gaming streams, and much more. But one of the most popular reasons for which people flock to YouTube is its collection of songs.

YouTube has millions of songs that users can stream online for free. Whether, it’s all the popular songs from every country, music from lesser-known artists, and even original and cover songs from numerous small creators. YouTube is the perfect platform for these artists to showcase their talent.

Since YouTube has such a wide variety of songs from every genre known to man, it is one of the most common choices for users to stream music. The only problem with this platform is that you cannot download any videos to watch without the internet. This can be extremely frustrating especially for people who just want to listen to music and not watch the music video every time.

An easy solution for this is the YouTube-To-Mp3 converter. Converters are a great source for listeners who want to take their music offline without having to keep YouTube open all the time and wasting their data.

 Let us see how we can download music off of YouTube-To-Mp3 Converter:

Step 1: Go to the YouTube website and search for the songs that you want to download.

Step 2: If your song is a part of a playlist, try to find one that is not. This is because sometimes, converters might not support links to playlists.

Step 3: Copy the website link of the video.

Step 4: Open a YouTube-To Mp3 converter and paste your link in the search box of that converter.

Step 5: You will be given an option to choose from various audio and video types. Choose the desired quality of the audio and select the “Convert” option.

Step 6: Once converted, you can safely download that audio by clicking on the “Download Your Converted File” option.

If you want to download music on your phone, you can get the link of the video by selecting the “Share” button and then choosing the “Copy URL” option. After that, you can follow Steps 4 through 6 to download music on your phone and enjoy it offline.


There are several benefits of using a YouTube-To Mp3 converter:

  • Enjoy a library full of music offline without any pop-up ads interrupting it.
  • This converter supports every kind of browser, device, and operating system.
  • While your streaming speed might be low, download speeds are usually higher. Hence you can listen to music more efficiently after downloading it rather than screening it.
  • Converters are free. There are no extra charges for downloading high-quality music from YouTube.

YouTube-To-Mp3 converters are an ideal choice for people who are lovers of music but cannot spend huge amounts of data streaming music videos. Furthermore, downloading music allows you to play with them, make ringtones, mix with other songs, the possibilities are endless. Click here to avail of all amazing benefits.



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