Modern Comforts: The 5 Best Solar Generators for Camping

Now is a great time to plan a family camping trip. One thing you need to explore is the best solar generators for camping. A portable generator can make your camping life easier and more accessible.

There is no guarantee the locations you stop at will have access to power sources. Some only offer access to campers with reserved spots. If you have to make an emergency stop having your own power source can come in handy.

Are you planning a family camping trip? Keep reading for the five best solar generators on the market.

What to Look for in the Best Solar Generators for Camping

There are several important features to look for in a solar generator. The key features include:

  • Battery capacity
  • Expandability
  • Size and weight
  • Ease of use
  • RV compatibility
  • Car capabilities
  • Technical support
  • Lithium-based battery

These are the main items you want to research. With any purchase, it is important to learn as much as you can. When possible, consult with a sales representative to answer your questions.

  1. Goal Zero Yeti

Goal Zero has several products in its solar generator line. The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 uses an ultra-safe Lithium battery. It is great for using small appliances and devices.

For the financial investment, your Goal Zero solar generator can also double as a generator for your home during power outages. You can also use it to power tools during weekend projects.

  1. Renogy Phoenix Portable Generator

The Renogy Phoenix is a lightweight generator that comes with a briefcase for easy discreet storage. The unit has several key features including AC and DC outlets, and 10-watt monocrystalline solar panels.

You also have the option to recharge the generator using a wall outlet or change via your car outlets.

  1. HomeGrid 5000HD Portable Solar Generator

One of the most powerful solar generators on the market is the HomeGrid 5000HD. This unit boasts 5000 watts of power which can be used on larger appliances. The generator can connect up to 240-volt circuits.

The downside to this generator is its size and weight. You’ll need a dolly to move it around.

  1. PAXCESS S320 100-Watt Portable Solar Power Generator

The PAXCESS S320 is perfect for family camping because it is lightweight and comes with a USB port. It can be used in each season and is rechargeable by solar panels sold by PAXCESS or by using a CPAP battery pack.

  1. Suako Outdoors Portable Solar Power Station

The Suako solar power station has a LED screen for better visibility and a battery management system. It is lightweight, comes with AC/DC capabilities, and Suako offers its own solar panels.

Family camping for all seasons is easier with this generator.

It’s Time to Hit the Road

Now that you know how to narrow down the best solar generators for camping, it’s time to make a selection. The outdoors is calling, and a family camping trip sounds great.

After purchasing your solar generator, it’s time to finish your checklist. Check out our other useful articles here on our site.

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