The Smart Parents’ Guide to Choosing Kids Furniture

As kids grow older, the practicality of buying furniture that is appropriate for their size and height is also becoming more apparent. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy kids beds online or visit your local furniture shop to purchase kid-sized tables and chairs. Finding furniture that your child can use comfortably and for long-term is one way to teach them independence and responsibility.

There are some hacks and tips that you can use to guide in choosing furniture for your child, and these are:

Available space

Does your home or does your child’s room have a wide interior? Or is the space fairly limited? It is important to think about the available space where you plan to put the furniture. Some tables come with chairs that fit perfectly when fixed or assembled. It helps save space when the chairs are not in use. You can also have tables or beds attached to walls or placed near walls to maximize small living areas and keep it from being toppled or pushed around if you are living with pets.

Number of kids

Bunk beds are always the best choice for households with two or more kids. It also reduces the amount of space that you consume since it can accommodate two people within the same area. When it comes to chairs and tables, long tables or round tables are an excellent choice if you have more than one kid and want them to read or study together.

Multipurpose furniture

A great example of this is a bunk bed that doubles as a cabinet or storage space. This type of bed is typically custom-made and is therefore not readily available in some furniture shops. Fortunately, some people specialize in creating tailor-made kids beds online. You can find them advertising their work on most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Additional ideas you can use for your multipurpose furniture include tables that you can convert into storage boxes or benches that you can reconstruct to function as a swing, a slide, or even a second table.

Personalize the furniture with colours

Children love colourful items. It effectively attracts their senses, and it keeps them engaged. Determine what your child’s favourite colour is and use it to paint their bed or study table. Not only will they feel excited and pleased by the customization, but it will also make them instantly attached to the fixture. When kids feel an affinity towards an object, they are also becoming more invested in how they use it and preserve its quality.

Test the durability

Aside from gaining more mass as they mature, kids also tend to be extremely playful and energetic. It becomes even more true if they have siblings—more children jumping, running, pushing, and climbing. Wool and microfiber are some of the best choices of fabric for linens and sofa covers. Upholstered jeans are also more durable and fairly affordable. Furniture made of wood provides stronger resilience and lasts a lot longer. You can also use reclaimed wood for a rustic and classic finish. Metal and plastic are also good alternatives, but in terms of safety and durability, you must always align it with your child’s age. For instance, plastic chairs and tables tend to break more easily with excessive force. Other materials you can work on include bamboo and rattan.

Finally, the safety and comfort of your kids should be in your top list of priorities as well when looking for kids beds online or in your local furniture store.

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