Top 4 Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

What came as a wind of innovation took the world by a storm in no time. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched, and back in 2009, the concept had just started infusing its fundamental essence into the potential users. Within a few years, cryptocurrency witnessed a significant rise, like no other category of finance. The global economy now holds its position firm on the monolithic pillars of digital currency. Buying and selling of cryptocurrency require an active account on exchange platforms and digital wallets. Cryptocurrency now stands second to none in the list of digital concepts that changed the face of the world. Before creating an account on any of the exchange platforms or wallets, you must have basic knowledge about all that happens within them. It is always best to check into individual reviews of each platform to delve more into the details. The following list of best cryptocurrency exchange platforms has been created by comparing the security, user interface, accessibility, and fees.


BitBuy.ca is considered as the best cryptocurrency exchange platform functioning in Canada now. It was founded in 2013, and since then has been providing an extensive, convenient path to access digital currency. The features that make this platform the most preferred one are its customer service, flexible times for deposit and withdrawal of money, and the ease of use. For all those who are looking to convert their fiat money into digital currency, Bitbuy is an excellent option. This platform has proven to be highly efficient for trading purposes. The registration processes without delay and the transactions made are charged with low fees.


This platform provides a space for convenient conversions from fiat money to cryptocurrency. Using ChangeNOW doesn’t require an account in the platform, thereby making it free from registration procedures and charges. It has enabled the exchange of more than 170 cryptos and transactions without any limit.  The time required to complete every transaction is short, and it would be just a matter of seconds or minutes when it comes to transactions of higher amounts. Purchases could be made through credit cards in ChangeNOW, with its compact format (mobile application) and constant customer support. Visit https://cryptoevent.io/ to check the recent updates of ChangeNow and every other exchange platform that is ruling the market now.


Coinbase is both a broker and a trading platform, both of which are reliable platforms for secure transactions. With a nearly impregnable core system operating this platform, secure storing and transferring of money is ensured. A digital wallet has been introduced both on Android and iOS through which Bitcoins, Ether, and Litecoin can be purchased. The GDAX of Coinbase can also be used for trading purposes in the US, Europe, Canada, Singapore, UK, and Australia. Transfer of cash between the Coinbase and GDAX accounts is free of cost. All the above factors make Coinbase the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Although Coinbase is secure, user-friendly, and has low fees, the downside of it includes weak customer support and limited payment methods.


Being the largest exchange in terms of the Euro volume and liquidity of Bitcoin transaction, Kraken has developed an excellent reputation by now. Trading of bitcoins for Euros, US Dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen is possible through Kraken. Apart from Bitcoin, trading of cryptocurrencies like Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, ICONOMI, and Ethereum is also possible through this exchange. The factors of impressive exchange rates, great customer support, security, low transaction and deposit fees, and worldwide accessibility make Kraken one of the most popular and most preferred cryptocurrency exchanges for professional trading. Among the very few drawbacks of Kraken include its limitation of being unsuitable for beginners, and the limited modes of payment.


Multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms are being developed every year. While many of these go unnoticed, some platforms are still topping the list with its high-quality services. So, make sure to check the features (fees, reputation, geographical limitations, and security) of every exchange that you come across and list down your priorities. Since an individual can have accounts on more than one exchange platform, narrowing done to that few options will require some serious contemplation put into it.

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