Top 8 Killer Tips When Blogging

Most experts agree that successful blogging is both a science and an art.

There are some specific rules you must follow to make it a success, and you have to be persistent. But there also should be a creative part based on your feelings, gut, and sense of beauty.

So, there’s no one single right way to build your blog. But following these proven tips will help you stay on the track.

#1. Find Which Blogging Site is the Best for You

Read other posts and find the best for you, so you understand what REAL blogging is. Try to implement the elements you like.

An important tip is that you don’t have to be a copycat. But absorbing and understanding other sites can be very useful, especially in the beginning.

#2. Check out Some Blogging Money Statistics

Especially if you’re a starter, it’s difficult to understand what kind of sites can make money and how much.

So, check out some report incomes and case studies to get a clear picture of it.

#3. Remember that Free Blogging for Money Doesn’t Exist

If you want to make money writing your own posts, you have to invest at least in a customized domain name and a good hosting plan. Consider this tip.

Just think. You want to earn thousands of $$$ and can’t invest 20$ a month? That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Then rethink about writing posts and choose another way to make money.

#4. Understand Your Readers Better than They Understand Themselves

How can you communicate effectively with a real person if you don’t understand his/her feelings and thoughts?

Why should something change just because the communication happens on the internet?

Of course, the way we communicate with other people on the internet is different than face-to-face. But the core principles of a human interaction remain always the same, so be human.

#5. Let Your Content Ideas Flow from Your Own Tribe

Since blogging is a human interaction, wouldn’t it be better to ask your people what questions they want you to answer?

Here is one more useful tip to follow. Read their comments, ask them questions, post little pieces of information like quotes, pictures, and infographics about subjects you’d like to cover.

Do that in your posts, on social media, and in your emails to always test your audience true interests.

#6. Write for Yourself, Too

This is a tip that has to do with your motivation. If you always write about things that you’re not interested in, sooner or later you’ll lose your mojo.

And believe me, that will have a huge impact on your results.

Creating decent posts requires time and patience. And completing all the daily tasks can be really overwhelming.

But it has to be a challenge that you’re willing to accept every day, not a burden. And that will be impossible if you don’t write to please yourself too.

#7. Pro Tip: Build Your Email List from the Beginning

Start gaining subscribers from day one, even if there are just a few of them.

This will make it much easier to promote your fresh content to your readership straight away. Without worrying about search engine rankings and social media algorithms.

Pro tip: write a call-to-action that states the value for your readership. For example, if your blog is about photoshop write something like “Get Photoshop guides” on the subscribe button.

#8. Try New Ways to Do It

Like I said in the beginning, blogging is also an art.

So look at what others are doing, consider their advice, but in the end feel free to try new things and experiment.

You’re unique, don’t forget it.


I hope these tips can help some beginners to make a good start.

Viktor Gluhov
Viktor Gluhov
Viktor Gluhov. I’m a professional copywriter and blogger. I’ve been writing articles for various companies as a freelance writer for over 3 years. Recently, me and my friends started our own project: ContentAdore. I’m fond of art and creativity. I like to help others and from time to time I support volunteering initiatives. Let’s make this world a better place together!


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