Top Tips on How to Express Gratitude to Someone

Did you know that expressing gratitude not only helps others feel appreciated, but it actually makes you a happier person? Gratitude requires positive thinking and leaves little room for a negative mindset.

For some, this comes easy. But, others struggle in finding ways to show others their thanks and appreciation.

Read on to learn how to express gratitude to another person.

Hand Write a ‘Thank You’ Note

In the age of emails and texts, a handwritten wrote feels incredibly authentic. Take the time to send a ‘thank you’ note to express appreciation.

If you do not write well, no worries. A simple, “Thank you for…” will do. If you want to go the extra mile, shop online for a decorative notepad to really mark your signature.

Return the Favor

To give a sincere thank you, take action! Return the favor that you appreciated so much so they feel important too.

It should not look like an eye for an eye obligation. Make sure the gesture does not come off forced, so it clearly comes from a place of gratitude and not responsibility.

Buy Them Flowers

Flowers deliver cheer with their vibrant colors and aromatic quality. Send your thanks with a bouquet of flowers!

Flowers that expresss gratitude include:

  • Bellflowers
  • Sweet Peas
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Hydraneas

Order overnight flower delivery so that the perosn you want to thank wakes up with a smile the next day!

Treat Them to a Meal

Food sustains the body. When shared with another person though, it nourishes the soul.

Feeding another person takes care of them and expresses a deep sense of gratitude. While taking them to breakfast or lunch offers a casual sentiment, dinner typically expresses much deeper meaning.

Take it to the next level and invite them over for a meal you cook. This act requires a little more effort and gives them a true taste of your appreciation.

Say ‘Thank You’ In Public

Give a sincere thank you to your friend and put them in the spotlight. Expressing thanks in front of others can give your words more meaning. Plus, your person will get showered with extra smiles and pats on the back, which always feels good.

Send a Song

Music adds elouence and beauty to a ‘thank you’. Send the person you want to thank a heartfelt song.

Some songs that wonderfully express gratitude include:

  • Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)
  • You’re My Best Friend (Queen)
  • A Song For Mama (Boys II Men)
  • Thank You For Being A Friend (Andrew Gold)
  • How Sweet It Is (Jamess Taylor)

You can alsso choose from a long lissts of artists who wrote songs actually titled, “Thank You’. For the ultimate expression, grab a mic and sing it to them yourself!

Use Your ‘How to Express Gratitude’ Guide

Feelings can make anybody clam up. If somebody doess something that triggers your appreciation, but you blank on a way to express it, refer back to this guide on how to expresss gratitude.

Focusing on gratitude will make your life happier, but healthy living plays an important role as well. Read health tips on our website so you can live your best life!

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