5 Types of Computer Viruses You Should Careful About

A virus has its prolific features to replicate itself within the cells of the living host. When we talk about the types of computer viruses then there is no difference from the computer system viruses. External devices such as emails, drives, files and more are the medium through which viruses get to the host which is your computer system.

Viruses can be as detrimental as wiping all the data saved on the computer system; your files might still be visible but becomes inaccessible and useless. This calls for a great need to know the types of computer viruses one need to be careful about. Worry less as you get to know the computer viruses you need to be careful about.

Most Popular Types of Computer Viruses You Should Careful About

File Infector Computer Virus

These viruses are always present on executable files. Often time, they occur when you download emails from untrusted source.

File infector virus effect on the computer system is negative as they retain themselves in the computer memory causing more harm until you format the system. The rate at which these viruses affects people’s system is becoming uncontrolled, therefore be careful with your downloads!

Macro Virus

Macro, as the name implies is related to data files, however, this virus can be so associated with Microsoft Office programs. This is because the programming language used for the virus is similar to that of the Micro Soft office software and applications.

Macro Virus is fast spreading as they quickly infect your files and application. Typical examples of macro viruses are Melissa.A, Relax, 097M/Y2K, bablas. Be careful about the unnamed ones as well.

Boot Sector Virus

Boot sector viruses are tagged as the most crucial and foundational viruses to the computer system. In time past, a boot virus is known to affect the part of CDs, DVDs, floppy disk or the hard disk drive known as the boot sector, now it is common with the hard disk which sometimes times make it impossible for the computer system to boot.

These viruses are also invested in the system through external flash drives, USB drives and are referred to as “the first wide virus to be produced”. The effect of boot sector viruses is extremely harmful to the computer.

Multipartite Virus

Generally referred to as a Hybrid virus. They affect both the boot sector and Program files at the same time because of its hybrid nature. They are speedy spreading viruses! Even when you try to eliminate them they are very tricky as they hide in the computer memory. However, it is very important to just avoid them.

Polymorphic Virus

is the most difficult of all viruses, it even proves difficult to anti-viruses. This is because the virus is encrypted in a binary pattern.

They are so complicated that they even change their virus signature. The Polymorphic virus can’t be detected by ordinary codes; they can only be detected by special codes written particularly for a polymorphic virus.

It is very important to avoid all the types of computer viruses stated above as the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”.

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