Vintage Watch Care: Myths Debunked

Vintage timepieces are all the rage and when you consider the fine micro-engineering, it’s easy to understand why these unique watches are so popular today. Like most sectors, there are a few myths regarding vintage watches, which this short article aims to debunk.

  • Guaranteed Water Resistance – You might expect this with a modern Rolex, but vintage luxury watches are obviously old and water resistance cannot be taken for granted. Make sure that your collection of vintage watches is serviced according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which means the right lubrication in the right places. The older the timepiece, the more likely it is to be compromised regarding moisture.
  • You Need A Watch-Winder – Some people seem to think that it is good to keep the mainspring fully wound. Truth is, you should let the watch spring wind down as it was designed to do. This is the considered opinion of the experts and who are we to argue? Ask any of the reputable dealers, and they will happily confirm this. The engineer would give you the best advice on re-winding and general care, plus he or she will detail the work done and stamp the book.
  • Back To Brand Service Is Best – While you can be sure that Rolex will service your watch properly, they typically overdo it and change dials and winds, which are the very aspects that make a vintage watch appealing. Rather, you should approach a vintage watch antique dealer, who has connections with accredited watch service engineer freelancers.
  • It’s Easy To Tell If A Vintage Watch Is Original – This is most definitely a myth. So many components might have been replaced. The only way to know is if the watch is single-owned and has service stamps from new. Even then, there will be components that have been replaced, which would not impact the value of the timepiece.
  • Vintage Watches Are Always Accurate – This is most definitely untrue; no mechanical timepiece can be as accurate as a digital clock. If accuracy is your thing, you can rely on your iPhone. One or two minutes a day is what you can expect from your 1980s Rolex Submariner, which is realistic. Of course, you can easily adjust the dial to the right time according to a digital device, which is an easy way to keep the timepiece accurate, plus it gives the mechanism some use.
  • Vintage Watches Should Not Be Worn – We’d like to know where this one came from. With correct servicing, a high-end timepiece is designed to be worn and wound and if you have a couple of dozen vintage watches, you are spoilt for choice to accessorize your look. This is one of the perks of collecting luxury vintage watches and wearing them regularly is good for the timepiece.If you are looking to add to your growing collection, there are reputable antique dealers, and they are the ones you should contact. Browse their vast collection of a genuine luxury vintage pocket watch for sale online. If your watch needs a service, the online antique dealer has the right connections to find a manufacturer-approved engineer to carry out the service.

We all appreciate fine micro-engineering and by following the service recommendations, you are taking good care of your asset, which will appreciate in value. Many collectors love nothing more than to be alone with their watches; a little clean here, a wind there, and generally admire what they have.

Seek Out Professional Watch Servicing

Vintage watch care is an essential aspect of ownership. Taking care of the asset is a must and if you do that, you can expect many years of pleasure and enjoyment, while your collection will grow in value over the years.


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