Visually Inspiring Places Around The World That Will Fuel Your Next Project

Ever find yourself getting creative block? Or feeling like you need to explore new surroundings to get some inspiration for your artwork? If so, here are six of the most visually inspiring places around the world that will fuel your next project.

London, United Kingdom

London is home to many diverse communities, contrasting architecture, and the modern skyscrapers cutting the sky juxtaposed with natural parks and the river Thames. Not only is the iconic skyline and the visual stimuli something guaranteed to inspire your next project, but it is also home to a booming art community and many art galleries.

When in London, make sure to check out as many of the galleries, exhibitions, and collections as you can. The collection of Charles Saatchi boasts some truly iconic pieces that you must see, from an extensive range by Andy Warhol to the more subtle works of Brice Marden.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto boasts a variety of parks, independent stores, and large glistening skyscrapers. Think the vibe of New York City, but cleaner, more room to move, and with much more green space! When it comes to visually inspiring places in Toronto, it is impossible to narrow it down between the Distillery District and Toronto Island.

The Distillery District is a historic area in downtown Toronto complete with wrought iron, red brick, and perfectly uneven cobblestone paving. On the other hand, Toronto Island is idyllic and picturesque, with awesome views of the mainland, and quiet beaches for you to sit and take it all in.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland is undeniably one of the most artsy and creative cities in the world. The city even commissions expansive, colourful murals to promote the work of local artists and inspire a bustling arts culture.

Paris, France

As well as the visually fascinating tourist attractions, such as Notre Dame cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, Paris is famously home to the Louvre. This gallery, which houses the Mona Lisa, is the most visited museum with 9.6 million visitors a yearand the world’s largest art museum.

With awe-inspiring architecture, history, and an expansive array of art to explore, Paris can instil inspiration in people who are having even the worst creative block, fuelling their next project.

Tokyo, Japan

While walking around Tokyo, you are guaranteed to find inspiration in the most unexpected of places, even whilst looking around one of their supermarkets. Visually, Tokyo is fascinating, with neon signs, bookstores, and record stores galore. For the full experience, make sure to catch a glimpse of the city at night.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is simply wonderful! Consistently ranked as one of the most liveable places in the world, Copenhagen is also home to a healthy art community with many artist-run exhibition spaces and artist collectives, making it one of the top places for artists to live.

Explore one of Copenhagen’s independent exhibition spaces, before taking a walk around the small and cosy city, checking out all the canals and vibrantly painted terraces along the waterfront.

And there you have it – six of the most visually inspiring places around the world that will fuel your next project. Now all that is left to do is to get travelling and get inspired.

Steve Max
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